World Peace is Possible if the Plutocracy stops using war to build its power.

Ceasefire not enough; Stop War Mongering; Build Peace!

It may seem naive to call for world peace, but there really isn’t anything else to say about what is happening in the world. A demand for a ceasefire doesn’t speak to the deeper problem that the Ukraine and Gaza wars (latest of the post-9/11 forever wars) are the consequence of a plan by the Western NATO Alliance to advance a neoconservative program to secure world domination. The anti-war, pro-Palestine coalition needs to go beyond a call for a ceasefire and argue for true peace by way of an egalitarian revolution that would compel a stand down by the western plutocracy.

Ceasefire demand at Gaza protest
Ceasefire demand at Gaza protest

It is difficult, if not near impossible, to imagine, much less have a vision for, a peaceful resolution to the Israel – Palestine conflict. Indeed, the October 7th raid appears to be providing Israel all the reason and rationale it needs to empty the northern section of Gaza and push the majority of the Palestinians into the south with the hope, or expectation, that Egypt will be forced to build out refugee camps on its territory.

The disproportionate, over bearing Israeli retaliation against the Palestinians for the Hamas raid on border kibbutzim has kicked up a hornets nest of protest around the world. If Peace is to be achieved (not just a ceasefire) then this demand for a cessation of military response must be expanded to a broader call for a military stand down. In the end, only a forced peace will work to end the Palestinian / Israel conflict through a world wide Peace Movement that would bring unrelenting pressure on Israel.

Meanwhile, we humanitarians are duty bound to strive for peace even though it may seem an impossible goal. We are also duty bound to denounce the violence on all sides while recognizing the inevitability that a suppressed people will fight back against an oppressor.

Speaking as the chief proponent for a Green Liberty sensibility, I argue that advancing peace and denouncing the military industrial complex simultaneously is critical. A categorical demand for an end to MIC / plutocratic domination is a basic stance we must take. There can be no peace without swords being turned into plough shares, a military economy turned into a peace economy. Nor can there be peace as long as the plutocracy is able to pit the working classes against one another. Tall order? Yes. We can start by calling out false narratives that cover up deep state operations conducted on behalf of the plutocracy using the military industrial complex to control other nations and local populations.

What happened to the prospect of a Peace Dividend?

Why is it necessary that we must call for Peace at all? How is it that with the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989 we never realized the possibilities for a peace dividend? Why are we plagued with multi-generations of “forever wars?”

The failure of NATO / Western Atlantic alliance to build peace in central Europe after 1989 belies the true intention of the power structure; they do not want Peace unless it is on their terms and provides the empire with control of resources, land and power. Historical possibilities for peace have been stolen from ‘we the people’ in 1989 as well as in the case of the JFK assassination in 1963; the Vietnam War was a poke in the eye to the 1960’s anti-war movement.

About Israel and Palestine and belligerent language to foster a divide.

The mainstream media pegs Hamas as a terrorist organization that must be absolutely destroyed precluding any possibility for a peaceful resolution, much less open the door to negotiations. Hamas, as a potential partner in peace, is a dead end since it cannot be reasoned with: it is dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

On the other hand, Hamas is an expression of Palestinian frustration with Israeli oppression. When Israel declared itself a state, and later expanded into the West Bank after 1965, it robbed Palestinians of land, appropriated water from the aquifer, and functionally, sequestered the majority of Palestinians in a massive encampment called Gaza.

Framing Hamas as a “terrorist” organization, and flagging the atrocities of slit throats, baby beheadings, mass murder and rape and hostage taking on October 7th, enables Israel to claim the high ground as a moral agent acting against an evil actor. Any claim that Israel is committing war crimes is dismissed as irrelevant since every Palestinian is considered a terrorist; consequently, every square inch of Gaza is a military target on account every Palestinian is sworn to Israel’s annihilation. However to be fair, the Palestinian Liberation Organization has accepted Israel’s right to exist; Hamas has not.

A long history of conflict.

The tragedy of the Israel / Palestine conflict is rooted in the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Israel was the creation of a British project to create a European colony that became the state of Israel which experienced constraints, for example, that the American colonists did not face. Israel would not be able to clear the land like the American colonists did in North America.

Conceivably, if Israel was established a 100 years earlier, under different circumstances, it is likely they could have conducted a complete ethnic cleansing of the area (like the Turks and Kurds achieved against the Armenians). Instead, Palestinians are a reminder of a displaced people yearning for their own homeland.

Israel didn’t get to do to Palestinians what the Europeans did to native Americans. So today Israel must seek reconciliation, or at least acceptance, and not annihilation of the Palestinian people.

During the 1830’s “Trail of Tears” of the native Americans, the Cherokee, Choctaw et al, were “cleansed” by forced march from the area known as Georgia, Alabama and other areas to the east of the Mississippi River. The tribes are gone (though remnants remain) from Georgia and are not demanding a return to their lands having been totally subjugated on reservations. Indian “ownership” of the land is a bygone issue since they are gone, moved off to Oklahoma, and many tribes struggle to regain lost land. This is not the case in Israel.

The Israelis were not able to rid the area of the native Arab people, but only displaced them, causing some to move as far away as Syria and Lebanon or find employment in the Gulf states, or move to Jordan, or emigrate entirely, call it the Palestinian diaspora. Since 1948 Israel has engaged in a slow motion displacement of the Palestinians and the October 7th war is the latest major push against the Palestinians.

Israel is a vassal / client state of the Western Atlantic NATO Alliance.

It is clear that Israel is an actor in a larger power play being conducted by the NATO Anglo-American alliance. There are many reasons for the Israeli bombardment of Gaza. Professor Chossudovsky from Global Research and others, argue that while the Gaza bombardment is to some extent about exercising vengeance, however, there is an ulterior motive: securing the area to build the Ben Gurion canal to provide an alternative passage to the Suez Canal; secure access to the natural gas fields in Palestinian territory adjacent to north Gaza; and of course, degrade Hamas and force the mass dispersal of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in an attempt to ethnically cleanse the area, or at least diminish the population.

The October 7th raid on Kibbutzim by Hamas forces is explained by Scott Ritter and others as a stroke of military genius by Hamas. The story goes Hamas bested the Israelis by attacking their key vulnerabilities, and the Israeli Defense Forces failed to hold and guard the border for a full 8 hours because the leadership was filled with hubris about their military technology, assumed Hamas would not attack. Coincidentally, or is it conspiratorially, Israeli authorities had pulled 80% of the troops from the Gaza border to defend illegal settlers in the West Bank; as a result, the border was open for invasion on account there were no troops to resist the invaders.

Claiming the Israeli military had bad luck is like saying the American NORAD air defense system on September 11th 2001 was confused and didn’t detect the airplanes because the system was subject to war game event. Preposterous. Netanyahu had intelligence of possible strikes by Hamas but chose not to act on the intelligence.

The benefit to Prime Minister Netanyahu from the October 7th raid is that it fanned hatred for Hamas and it gave Netanyahu cause to declare a national emergency and bring to an end the anti-right wing mass protests against his plan to weaken the independence of the judiciary.

It is a mistake to dismiss the October 7th event as an apparent military, and public relations, victory for Hamas and an Israeli intelligence failure. In reality, to many observers, the October 7th event has obvious signatures of a “let it happen” event. There is plenty of precedent for this kind of sleight of hand by government deep state actors.

The Deep State tricks populations into going to war for the interests of the plutocracy.

The deep state has a long history of advancing a false narrative to provoke or enable war. Indeed, President Polk used this tactic to claim Mexicans attacked Americans inside American borders in order to rationalize a war with Mexico. Abraham Lincoln called Polk a liar for the claim.This was in 1846. Then the sinking of the USS Maine in the Havana harbor in 1889, also a false flag, initiated the Spanish American War which enabled the Americans to seize the Philippines and Cuba.

President Roosevelt let the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor so the American people would have a mandate to go to war against Hitler. In the 1964 the Gulf of Tonkin incident with the USS Maddox and 3 enemy torpedo boats provoked an engagement that gave cause for escalating the war against North Vietnam and unleashed the B-52’s which dropped tons of bombs.

The deep state not only allowed, but actually enabled the “terrorist” attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in September 2001. This sought after event created a “new Pearl Harbor” and give cause to invade Afghanistan in 2002, and later Iraq in 2003. This was part of a Project for a New American Century which triggers generations of “forever wars.”

There are elements of the US 9/11 that track with the Israeli 10/7.

It appears Israel is using the October 7th event to rationalize destroying northern Gaza. Israel likely knew before hand that atrocities would occur and hostages taken.

The atrocities enable Israel to claim the moral high ground and international sympathy as it bombs the hell out of Gaza; however, this appears to be fading. The legacy media narrative reports that that Hamas is a terrorist organization and has committed atrocities against Israelis so it needs to be destroyed. Intriguingly, Israeli and other militarist deep state operators need October 7th type events to distract people from building a peace movement; a false flag event forces the people into the position where they must go to war to defend the nation.

When talking about Peace in the Middle East and solving the Israel / Palestine problem, it needs to be understood that war is being waged against Gaza as part of a long term game plan of the power elite. We were told after the September 11th attacks to expect “forever wars.” Indeed, the Israeli incursion into Gaza is the latest salvo in this project. Will Iran be forced into war? Some make the argument that this is the end game.

We don’t have peace because the war mongers are in control. As John Spritzler observes, war is a trick to divide and conquer the working classes.

Green Liberty is committed to envisioning a world without war, where the plutocracy is subdued and wealth and resources distributed in an egalitarian fashion. We cannot get to a world without war until the plutocracy is tried and convicted for the state crimes it has committed. To do this, we need to call out the Big Lies, and frame Peace as the way forward based on accountability from those advancing war, and build a mass movement to reclaim our republic from the power elite, and demand justice, including for mother earth.

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