Housing, Education, and Health Care: are these the winning issues for a liberation coalition?

Liberation needs to address bread and butter issues, not just demand justice for Big Lies.

By Chuck Fall

…my friend opined that young people are most likely to respond to a revolutionary call if it promised to address the inequity around access to housing, access to quality education for their children…, and health care that is affordable and actually advances health and not just treat disease…and I would add opposition to war and the military industrial complex.

I have been reading the ideas of Egalitarian John Spritzer about what themes issues could galvanize the masses (we the people) into taking action to make a better society on the grounds that what we have now is actually really bad, and comparatively speaking, to what the colonial Americans were suffering from the Crown as outlined in the Declaration of Independence, modern society is dealing with far worse problems relatively speaking.

In an early post on Green Liberty Caucus website I wrote to the Green Party community and suggested that we could grow our ranks and advance a liberation coalition if the green party called out state crimes and made demanding accountability for deep state malfeasance a rallying cry to unity. For example, Green Liberty strongly opposes the Federal Covid Program because it is based on fraud and is a state crime against the people.

The Federal Covid Program has led many into seeing that the government is not working in the public interest but actually advancing a globalist project to advance what I call techno-totalitarianism. The media censors and fact checkers are gnashing their teeth over skepticism of government programs and all the mis, dis, and mal-information that readers on the internet must navigate. The lack of enthusiasm by the public for the latest iterations of Covid vaccines shows people are doubtful about the safety and efficacy of the covid mRNA vaccines. Many have grown more skeptical of the childhood vaccine schedule prescribed over the course of their developing years.

Meanwhile, Spritzler argues that the vast majority of the people are not acquainted with the concept of state crimes, and the claims are freighted with conspiracy theory, so the likelihood that the masses would rally in revolution against the plutocracy over the issue of political truth is unlikely.

Better Spritzler says is to advance an egalitarian vision for society; one where there is no rich and no poor, where there is real democracy and not fake, and that the social contract holds that each takes what is reasonably necessary to live and develop livelihood, and each is provided for based on need, and reasonable provision for available resources.

However, I am a political truther who wants accountability and justice and coherent strategy for changing society. My position on calling out the state crimes is that it is possible that people could be inspired to rebel against the plutocracy if they knew that the oligarchs have been working secretly against our democracy for several generations. Knowing that the government is captured by plutocracy, and that plutocracy is waging war against us, I think, would, could, might galvanize people to rebel.

To Spritzler’s point, to have a revolution against the rich there needs to be a broad agreement about the big purpose and the final goal: a society where there is no rich and no poor, based on mutual aid and solidarity, and as a green I argue society should be ecological, building nature not tearing it down.

Though I am zealous about calling out the state crimes as a foundational truth for why revolution is needed, I agree that a proactive goal to create an egalitarian society, along with short term goals, would inform what a liberation coalition does to fight the technocracy and build the movement.

Certainly, a liberation movement needs to have a shared vision, and an agreed on game plan for transitioning into an Egalitarian society, and once power is held, the people could then hold tribunals on the big lies and the state crimes that have been told by the plutocracy to keep the people in a state of fear, and divided from one another, and under the boot of the master class.

I don’t disagree with John’s perspective, but I remain adamant that calling out the crimes around JFK, the other 1960’s assassinations, Iran / Contra, September 11th, 2001 and now the Covid ‘plandemic’, is an appropriate thing for a liberation movement to do. Demonstrating that the people running our society are not legitimate on account of their criminal actions provides a compelling reason to resist and stage revolution. Members of congress in effect collude with a criminal class by advancing corrupt legislation, and by not holding tribunals as the constitution provides. The Congress, like the Federal and state regulatory agencies, are essentially captured by the corporations and equity funds.

Meanwhile, I accept that to build a coalition for change and liberation, the message needs to be positive and provide hope but also warn about what we are up against. I also believe that at the same time, a liberation coalition needs to explain why the ruling class, the power elite, needs to be dethroned; chiefly, they are leveling crimes against the people, and have ruined the natural ecology of earth by allowing unregulated use of toxins.

Meanwhile, it is worth following the work of David Hughes for a succinct report on the fact of the emerging techno-totalitarianism and the urgency to revolt.

Our movement needs to appeal to young people because we have no movement without them.

Recently I spoke with a friend in the 9/11 truth movement who was told back in 2006 by a prominent whistleblower that the 9/11 Truth movement was essentially done, lost its capacity to make a difference, as a result of the 9/11 Commission report that said the airplanes caused the Twin Towers’ collapse. The ship has left the harbor.

My friend lamented the lack of interest among the population for 9/11 truth, and acknowledged that the deep state has won the info wars and the American people have been subject to so much propaganda that truth claims fall on deaf ears, or trigger cognitive dissonance. The truth movement is dead, this whistleblower suggested.

My friend then went on to remark that young people today in their 30’s and 40’s, unless they inherit wealth, are unable to purchase property and develop wealth as the baby boomers have been able to do. Wages have not kept up with the appreciating value of property, or cost of housing, food, and medical care. If there is to be a liberation movement, he said, then it needs to appeal to this group, to a demographic that has been relegated to what the Globalists identify as the good society: one where “you will own nothing and be happy.”

Now, my friend is not necessarily an egalitarian since all his working life he has been entrepreneurial, running a business, employing workers to peel off some profit from the service he provided. But, he shares basic values for human rights and dignity and solidarity and laments the vast poisoning of our ecosystem by unregulated industry that has exposed all of humanity and nature to cancer causing pollution. And he opposes the military industrial complex and the western imperial project that has the USA military in over 700 different locations around world.

My friend is astute enough to recognize that the 30+ year old cohort, if they were to be awakened to the problem of the plutocracy and the state crimes and injustice of the power elite, would be huge.

In short, my friend said, in his opinion, young people are most likely to respond to a revolutionary call if it promised to address the inequity around access to housing, access to quality education for their children, and health care that is affordable and actually advances health and not just treat disease. I think we need to add “halt the warmongers”.

In the Green Party race for the US presidency, candidate Jill Stein has taken a theme from her competitor, Jazmine Sherman, who puts social housing out front as a key issue working people need since extreme housing costs amounts to a boot on the neck, and keeps people down and unable to thrive. I agree Greens should lead on advancing a host of housing initiatives.

It is ironic that the Green Party has relatively little to say about the actual ecology of earth. The issue of “climate change” has eclipsed basic values for preserving nature and bio-diversity. Our pillar for ecological wisdom, and the demand for 7 generation thinking, is largely muted by the juggernaut of the legacy media and the complete decimation of nature and a singular focus on ‘climate emergency.’

As the chief proponent for Green Liberty, I grapple with ideas that can inspire the development of a liberation coalition that would fight the technocracy and replace it with a real democracy made up of honest leaders who are not bought and owned by power elite.

I think a meme that calls on the people to “be green liberty…”, an ontological call to stand for a political brand that accepts the necessity for an egalitarian society as foundational to building a better society, but would also demand immediate accountability for state crimes.

A liberation movement will need to do several things simultaneously and activists will need to break out of their individual silos that importantly address particular aspects of what needs to be done. But in the end, young people need to join this cause against the globalist plutocracy.

The political truth movement may only ever amount to a splinter group expression of will to power, but it does function as the very conscience of society and it gives good reasons why the plutocracy must be brought down.

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