Whitney webb expresses Green Liberty critique in two volume expose of corruption titled “One nation under blackmail.” Traces Jeffery Epstein’s deep politics.

Whitney Webb: “ I don’t want American politics to be run by organized crime…this is my politics and its shared by a majority of Americans.” (paraphrased from the interview).

This is an amazing interview. Glenn Beck said it was the most momentous interview he has ever held. From the Green Liberty perspective Whitney Webb channels Green Liberty consciousness. This interview is wide ranging, but significantly, at the one hour mark, Webb speaks to the need for an empowered localism as a collective answer to the plutocratic push toward total domination. It made me think about the need to advance libertarian municipalism. She also spoke to the need for monetary reform.

Here is the write up from Glenn Beck on Whitney Webb:

Journalist Whitney Webb has worked to uncover some of the most dangerous stories of our lifetime, and she joins Glenn to reveal just how eye-opening it’s been. Her new two-volume book, “One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein,” examines Epstein’s elaborate network of corruption and power, from Bill Clinton to Ghislaine Maxwell and many more. Her research into transhumanism has given her a terrifying perspective on the World Economic Forum and tech elites, including Elon Musk. And she tells Glenn the dark truth about Biden’s push for electric vehicles that she noticed while living in Chile. SPONSORS: When you buy Grip6 socks, you’re supporting American ranchers and American manufacturers.

Whitney Webb delivers steady supply of facts that show nature of corruption at heart of the military industrial complex.

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