Vision for Green Liberty Includes Workers and All others Rising Up in Unity under Liberation Coalition

Green Liberty Caucus seeks the liberation of society from plutocratic domination by working in a liberation coalition to mobilize a mass movement that can transform society.

Why this mission?
To preface:

Green Liberty holds that the corporate capitalist / Progressive government regulation system has developed to the point where it is ravaging not only the environment but our bodies as well as making human labor obsolete.

Capital has centralized to the point where a tiny global capitalist elite can buy off governments, media, and coordinate horrific campaigns to maintain their rule. Their system is reaching a terminal crisis.

Before the pandemic, this economic crisis was leading to strikes, riots, protests, on a global scale never seen before. Fearing a new “1848,” the global ruling class has employed the so-called “pandemic response” to attempt to suppress this freedom movement, and enslave the vast bulk of humanity under the guise of digital health passports.

A return to “honest government,” as Greens have historically proposed, will not solve the problem. We need to create a radically democratic state, enabling the global and national working class to run society, transparently, honestly, and in the interest of all humanity. This will require a united front of all those who want to fight for radical democracy and workers control, including the small business and professional middle class, students, and those marginally employed and retired.

Green Liberty values Green pillars for grass-roots democracy, non-violence, social justice and ecological wisdom as well as the basic constitutional principles that secure the general welfare of the country and personal and collective freedom embedded in the Bill of Rights. With these principles as foundational, we endeavor to build a cooperative economy empowered by workers’ collectives, and establish controls on the economy that are based on reverential and restorative principles for the web of life.

Statement of Principles:

Green Liberty heeds Eisenhower’s farewell warning about unchecked ‘militarism,” calls out the malfeasance that qualifies as state crimes against our democracy including events around the Covid pandemic. The centralization of capital with its galloping and unchecked corruption has led to complete corporate capitalist impunity, an egregious expression of unchecked power.

More broadly, the Green Liberty mission is to fight for justice, peace and non-violence by calling out militarism and malfeasance, and associated acts of corruption. Green Liberty resists censorship, seeks an authentically free and open media,  and advances a radical Green project as the antidote to the poison of a corrupt power structure that has denied key liberties and produced an ecological catastrophe. It is this social , political and ecological emergency that the Green Liberty Caucus endeavors to address.

Green Liberty is a call for freedom from techno-domination and the emerging digital fascism that involves collusion between state and corporate agencies.

The evidence is clear: government has become corrupted beyond repair.

A preponderance of evidence shows the American Republic housed in Congress, the judiciary and presidency, have become deeply corrupted by plutocratic domination in the form of a banking cartel, a medical / military industrial complex, and most recently, a Big Tech / Medical / Digital behemoth that controls networks and media. There is a fabric of malfeasance associated with economic, political and now social domination and the denial of civil rights of which we demand justice and liberation.

Our Country Has Been Stolen

We accept that the country was stolen, figuratively speaking, by deep state operators tied to the plutocratic elite, when President Kennedy was killed. His assassination was preceded by the rise of the national security state and the military industrial complex emblematic in the CIA. Compounding the loss of Kennedy, the subsequent 1960’s assassinations, and the 9/11 events have been crushing blows to our democracy as the power of the national security state increased with each event.

Our job today is to reclaim our national destiny by asserting a truly democratic form of government, in which for the first time, the vast working majority will be the “public” within the new republic.

We oppose the plutocratic oligarchy that has solidified and extended its power since the rise of the national security state after World War II. The November 23, 1963 assassination of the president and the failure to prosecute the crime, has been the crowning achievement of the plutocracy as it morphed into an incipient tyranny evidenced by the Covid vaccine mandate and travel restrictions and seizure of Canadian Freedom Truckers’ bank accounts, and a chronic series of imperial war projects.

Media must be set free from domination by the Oligarchy.
We stand in solidarity with many non-mainstream media sources.

We recognize that society is divided into a bifurcated media universe, in which mainstream media provides a highly curated flow of information that conditions the popular consciousness to accept the official narratives. To heal this divide, we call for honest, truthful, accurate media.

We are skeptical (profoundly distrustful of ) mainstream media. The CIA ran the COINTELPRO program called ‘Mockingbird’ which involved planting operators in news media, and involved turning news and commentary and book authors into curators for the official narrative. Alternative media is necessary for gathering the truth and combating state sanctioned propaganda.

To make sense of what is going on in the world, we apply critical reasoning skills from all available sources and study the evidence. We endeavor to make reasoned judgments and avoid fallacious, authoritarian arguments, so rampant today on social and mass media.

We are critical of the fallacies mainstream media regularly makes evidenced by the ad hominem attack; the appeal to authority of Fauci, the FDA, the CDC, the WHO–without providing a scrap of scientific evidence upon which to base their venal, mendacious claims.

We see a double standard when dissident experts, journalists communicate and they are met with shooting the messenger, and poisoning the well.
We aspire for rational analysis of correlations, actual cause,  events, coincidences, and curious anomalies to develop understanding and draw conclusions. To make a judgment call, we weigh the facts and causes and correlations for the preponderance of evidence each situation provides, and by this process make claims and petition our grievances.

We are in solidarity with the Freedom Movement!

Currently, a medical health freedom movement is building around the world. We firmly oppose efforts by politicians, media, and even Leftist groups, to paint this movement as intrinsically right wing, racist, transphobic, or other smears.

We are in solidarity with this world wide anti-authoritarian effort, working class effort, and call on Greens to officially oppose the vaccine mandates as a violation of civil rights, an egregious overreach by state authorities.

We support a call for holistic democratic health care system where doctors are free to treat and use repurposed pharmacopeia, and we call for radically democratic workers control of governments, media, and last but not least, the capitalist corporations, investment firms, and banks.

Social, health, environmental, and all, political and economic policy-making systems, must be utterly transformed to meet the genuine needs of the vast majority, democratically decided upon by that majority, rather than leave decision making to the few oligarchs (and their elected cronies) that effectively run the world today and have become massively wealthy along the way.

We call on fellow Greens, and those not affiliated with the Green Party, to align with the  Green Liberty Caucus and resist a plutocratic technocracy that is engineering a Globalist domination of social, economic, and natural life.

We seek to unite the freedom movement in a liberation coalition constituted in a workers movement for democratic power.

This will require a united front of all those who want to fight for radical democracy and workers control, including the small business and professional middle class, students, and those marginally employed and retired.

The working class in a coalition of others must lead this movement because they are the class with “nothing to lose,” and stand to suffer the most under the weight of oligarchic domination and the move to replace labor with robotic machines.

A liberation coalition can make a difference by countering the forces of corruption with protest, media actions, public relations campaigns, by electing truth leaders to office, by advancing citizen petitions for grand jury investigations of corruption.

The Movement is advancing now through small steps, such as mass rallies, consumer boycotts, etc. But to win, the movement must engage in local, statewide, national, and global economic and political strikes, and the formation of workers councils, which will serve as the nucleus of a new workers democratic republic to replace the old rotten ancien regime . All this would be done to take control of government to build a new, regionally based global workers democratic republic.

We consider the possibility that in the end, a Liberation Coalition will need to coalesce around something as radical as Libertarian Municipalism, a vision for a confederation of liberated cities, towns, and bio-regional municipal sectors, as the institutional governance capable of counteracting the existing power structure.

Furthermore, we accept that our monetary and banking systems require radical renewal and freedom from plutocratic domination as well as radical tax reforms that could include a land tax that would more equitably assess value for taxation and equitably redistribute wealth.

Since this revolution we envision would be world wide in scope, and militantly democratic, we can easily avoid the deformation, that occurred in the last century, largely because of imperialist pressure, into the heavy handed bureaucratic Stalinist nightmare of state domination.

While we don’t have a crystal ball, and by no means wish to pre-empt the movement’s decisions about how our new society of freedom will be structured, we envision it will resemble to some degree the “libertarian municipalism” promoted by the late Murray Bookchin: with confederated cities, and councils where all can directly participate in decision making over their own localities, and elect and recall delegates to higher bodies.

But on no account do we believe that such a society will emerge without a militant struggle for power with corporate capitalism. This struggle requires disciplined leadership. We hope the Green Party will serve as the vehicle for such leadership. But if not, we will need to construct a new party to effect this.

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