Alison McDowell explains how digital identities open the gates to military tech domination of our children. Can this be True?

Stand for Health Freedom hosts McDowell in jaw dropping claim of emerging techno-totalitarianism. Watch this must see video in full.

Stand For Health Freedom features Allison McDowell
Stand For Health Freedom features Allison McDowell

Stand for Health stands for: A world where we accept digital identities is a world where our children and their minds are commoditized. Digital identities limit privileges and mobility in the world, well beyond medical decisions. Selling bodily autonomy to Big Tech and Big Industry comes at a great cost to our children and to our ability to be good relatives.

At Stand for Health Freedom, we stand for the God-given, sacred relationship between parent and child, person and God, and person and every other living thing. Complying with programs such as vaccine passports that require a digital identity opens the doors to a level of domination that will reach even into the realm of homeschooled and unschooled children.

Alison McDowell is a mother, writer, former teacher, and dedicated investigative researcher studying the working parts of the World Economic Forum’s declared Fourth Industrial Revolution. She’s a knowledgeable source on the global takeover of industries and public policies by the central banks, multinational corporations, Big Tech, and billionaire-funded foundations.

Her insights are invaluable for today. Her investigation of the educational systems in Pennsylvania led her to take a deep dive into issues she saw with students’ data and data privacy. From there, she began looking at economic funding mechanisms, Big Tech, and more. What she found is both fascinating and highly concerning.

McDowell has rare insights on what’s happening in the world from a systems point of view. Her level of awareness empowers everyone who listens to step through this critical time in history as a free and sovereign individual.

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