The War on Ivermectin Calls for Medical Freedom

Ivermectin: a Key Battle in the Covid War.

The War on Ivermectin book cover
The War on Ivermectin book cover

The War on Ivermectin: The medicine that saved millions and could have ended the pandemic.

Published 2023 by ICAN Press
Authored by Dr. Pierre Kory with assistance from Jenny McCarthy and a bonus foreward by Del Bigtree.

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An alternative title could read: Ivermectin: a key battle in the Covid War. In this important book, Dr. Pierre Kory bears witness and pulls back the veil of secrecy overlaying the corrupting and corrosive rot of regulatory capture of state agencies by the power elite who own and control Big Pharma and other elements within the medical / congressional industrial complex.

I highly recommend that The War on Ivermectin be considered required reading for understanding the big picture of what happened during the Covid pandemic from the perspective of an actual treating physician.

Fortunately, Dr. Kory and his co-author, have constructed a snappy and easy to read book that covers a complex subject. Dr. Kory writes in first person from direct experience, and tells it like it is. He is a hero and provides a testimonial of, and an indictment for, examples of malfeasance that need investigation and prosecution.

Suppressing Ivermectin was a key play in what I call the Federal Covid Response; central was denying early treatment for Covid infections. This was a punch by the power elite against the physician’s right to treat the infection using repurposed drugs.

Dr. Kory lays out in a blow by blow way, how a disinformation campaign cleared the way for the Food and Drug Administration to issue an emergency use authorization for the Covid vaccines. The FDA said the experimental mRNA vaccine was the only means of protecting from the Covid. This was a big lie.

Ivermectin, as a post-patent medicine, undermines the profit potential of Big Pharma, and the war on Ivermectin is all about controlling the practice of medicine to control profits, but also, advance the larger program of the Great Reset, a topic not directly addressed in this front line action story.

Meanwhile, Is it any wonder that the United States provides the lowest health outcomes at the greatest cost, given the influences of Big Pharma and others seeking profit?

The War on Ivermectin reveals how mis and dis information was used against the Dissident doctors who bucked the establishment by actually treating Covid infections instead of doing nothing, as was the official protocol.

Dr. Kory documents the undue power of the licensing boards, hospital overhead, and even Pharmacists, in obstructing the practice of medicine. The levels of malfeasance were vast and wide ranging.

The Federal Covid Response included a deep state smear campaign against Ivermectin and other compounds in order to claim the vaccine was the only way to protect from a covid infection.

Dr. Kory bears witness to a horrible scam. And he tells it as he sees it.

He sets the stage by recounting the work of Dr. Paul Marik who documented that high dose intravenous feeding of Vitamin C could reverse sepsis in patients in intensive care. The research was impeccable but the establishment authorities resisted changing procedures, denying the science that showed the power of vitamin C.

The reaction against Dr. Marik’s vitamin C protocol evoked the resistance to hand washing by physicians back in the day. This same stubbornness against innovation would show up again in the war against Ivermectin.

However, in the case of Ivermectin, there was a concerted effort to discredit the positive studies that showed Ivermectin saved lives. Witnessing resistance by the establishment was a big eye opener. In the course of the Covid pandemic, Dr. Kory would cycle through three employers, and in the process become a total sceptic of government authorities.

Dr. Kory describes himself at the beginning of the Covid in March 2020 as a progressive liberal who read the NY Times reverentially accepting what it reported as true, honest and accurate. But through the process of being shut down and suppressed, he transformed into a deep sceptic of the official narratives. From his battles in the Ivermectin war, Dr. Kory witnessed the bald faced lying that qualifies as unbridled medical malfeasance and abuse of power. He lost his political innocence in the Ivermectin war.

The prelude to the war against Ivermectin was the attack on Hydroxychloroquine by false journalism and policy declarations by the Food and Drug Administration. The Lancet ran a hit piece that fraudulently claimed negative effects based on a bogus study. The Lancet retracted without explanation but the damage was done.

When one considers the lengths the establishment agencies went to to discredit any means of treating covid infections, it should be clear that something very wicked and rotten was afoot.

Big Pharma in a conspiracy with Federal authorities and private individuals in the employ of the medical complex, full on deployed a hard ball attack against treating covid infections.

One tactic, among several, was to discredit Ivermectin’s efficacy by Issuing a “fake” report, and getting high impact media response to report the disinformation. Another tactic was to require random controlled trials before allowing Ivermectin could be authorized officially, an impossibly high bar that undermined the doctors right to treat with a repurposed drugs.

Amazingly, some people aren’t alarmed that front line doctors who treated covid infections were persecuted for prescribing to treat Covid.

The power of the media to condition thinking was evident when I asked a friend what he thinks about Ivermectin and he answered “horse medicine,” reflecting the negative language he got from the legacy media.

In one passage, Dr. Kory laments the loss of trust by the populace in their treating physician and medical establishment in general. This is one casualty of the Federal Covid Program.

In the big picture of the Covid War, the disinformation about Ivermectin, and the cover up of the risks associated with the Covid vaccines, show how the establishment works and the extent it will go to control the practice of medicine, and violate the oath to do no harm, and violate the preamble to protect and lookout for the general welfare of the nation.

The establishment authorities denied the treatment of covid infections in order to compel the populace to accept the vaccine. This is a crime for sure; there must be a rule we could appeal to get justice. Fortunately, some state attorneys’ generals are taking action.

Sadly, the vast majority of the medical staff in the USA and Europe and other places, complied with the order to not treat, and later complied with the mandate to vaccinate.

The shock and awe of the Covid propaganda campaign crippled critical thinking skills and made the majority compliant to edicts from the Federal authorities.

Covid patients were told there was nothing to do for an infection.

Once diagnosed with a test, they would quarantine but return when oxygen levels drop, or breathing became labored. In a worst case, they would be put on the ventilator or given Remdesivir (associated with a 30% fatality outcome); in a best case, corticosteroids to relieve the inflammation in the chest, and if lucky, Ivermectin, prescribed early on, which actually saved lives.

The War against Ivermectin documents the multitude of ivermectin success stories. Mexico City, Peru, Uttar Pradesh; the senior home that used Ivermectin to treat scabies, all showed that Ivermectin interrupted a covid infection and assisted in quick recovery and actually functioned well as a prophylactic.

Once Pfizer’s patented drug Paxlovid (functions on same principle as Ivermectin) was given an emergency use authorization, it became available to treat a Covid infection, providing additional profit to Pfizer.

The War on Ivermectin speaks volumes for the need for huge reforms in the practice of medicine. Functionally, the medical field needs to be released from Big Pharma / Medical Industrial Complex far reaching tentacles of domination.

A Medical Freedom movement should ensure doctors are free to practice medicine and make their own professional judgment about treatment protocols consistent with best medical practices; licensing boards must be brought to heel and defanged relative to bringing false claims; and compounding pharmacies must be protected from Big Pharma’s effort to control all drug manufacturing.

The right and freedom of doctors to use repurposed drugs for a wide range of exploratory cures should not be abridged.

Dr. Kory indicates there are efforts to repurpose drugs for the treatment of cancer; even Ivermectin has been identified as a promising compound, and against this, we should expect a full on assault by Big Pharma. There is no doubt that as the War on Ivermectin attests, we the people are in a not so silent war with Big Pharma. There is an epic struggle going on over the right to access medicine through our treating physicians freely without undue influence from Big Pharma.

The war against Ivermectin is not over, and the extent to which the people can demand access to it as a doctor’s right to prescribe, and get accountability from the editorial mafia that curated false information for the legacy media, all this must be followed up on by investigators and action taken by states’ attorneys general to bring the bad actors to justice.

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