mRNA vaccines Dangerous; Dr. Bhakti pleads in interview to stop Covid vaccine

Dr. Bhakdi warns the world about mRNA
Dr. Bhakdi warns the world

Distinguished microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. joins Meryl Nass, M.D. alongside colleague Michael Palmer, M.D. to sound the alarm on genetic manipulation and the alteration of man through gene-based COVID vaccines. Bhakdi is currently facing two charges in Germany — one count of “incitement of the masses” and one count of “trivialization of the Holocaust.” His court hearing is scheduled for May 23, 2023. If convicted, Prof. Bhakdi could be sentenced to two years in prison plus fines — but that does not mean he’ll stop boldly telling the truth. Tune in to hear Dr. Bhakdi’s fraught warning.

GLC editor: Dr. Bhakdi appeals for full stop on the deployment of the Covid countermeasures and provides a scientific explanation on why the deployment of mRNA technology in any biologic is a bad idea. He explains how plasmids have been weaponized by vaccine manufacturers (Department of Defense contracted with Pfizer and Moderna to do Warp Speed).

Green Liberty Bloc stands in solidarity with Dr, Bhakdi for his commitment to stand in truth about the dangers of an untested technology which has now been insinuated into human society without any discussion and under the duress of a faux pandemic.

According to Katherine Watt, Dr. Bhakdi is describing a bio weapon that has been forced into the human population under the guise of a global Covid pandemic.

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