Stifling the Covid-19 Debate Goes Against the Pacific Green Party Platform of Free Speech

The following quotes are from the Pacific Green Party of Oregon platform on media.

“Information is power! The airwaves belong to the people of the United States and not to corporations. The First Amendment protects the freedom of the press, and the internet can function as a virtual “press” for all citizens. We must keep access to the internet and the freedom of the press it provides protected. The leasing of the airwaves needs to bring revenue to the state that reflect the growing commercial value of those airwaves. The airwaves must also remain available for the open sharing of information for the betterment of the democracy. We the People demand

“That satire and critique in the media be protected by Oregon’s free speech protections if interpretations of the “fair use doctrine” in Copyright law fails to protect it” 

Actions that have been taken by the Pacific Green Party’s SCC to censor Lane Greens and the Green Liberty Caucus for questioning the safety and efficacy the federal COVID-19 program are in violation of the Pacific Green Party Platform. The SCC has cut off access to party resources and website visibility that Lane Greens and the Green Liberty Caucus are entitled to. The Green Liberty Caucus has ballot proposals (Items #1-2) for the Feb. 24-25, 2024 PGP Convention that if approved will correct the SCC infraction.

Everyone is entitled to voice their opinions regardless of whether they believe the official government information is accurate, flawed or fraudulent. If we are ever going to know the whole truth, it is essential to have a free exchange of information and a rigorous public debate. We have seen unprecedented censorship across most mainstream media and social media platforms. Is free speech on its death bed in America?

While there is a growing mountain of evidence that MRNA vaccines are neither safe or effective, every effort has been taken to censor doctors, scientists, and journalists who provide information that undermines or questions the official state narrative. In The Twitter files, Matt Taibbi exposed the email communications between Twitter staff and government officials. Twitter deleted posts and suspended accounts under strong pressure from government agencies. Twitter was instructed to remove posts about COVID-19 and vaccines that were misinformation, disinformation or malinformation (which was defined as true information that might encourage vaccine hesitancy.

The fact that the Twitter Files exposed government ordered social media censorship, should be a huge red flag to everyone! Corporate control of media does not benefit the people. It exists to benefit corporations by manufacturing consent. The beneficiaries of the Pandemic were big corporations and the billionaire class. Amazon’s sales went up while many small businesses were forced to close. The airline industry and the ocean cruise industry (that doesn’t even pay US taxes) got no strings attached bailouts. Low interests rates drove investor speculation that created a stock market and cryptocurrency boom. The billionaire class got much richer while most Americans got poorer. The vaccine manufacturers like Pfizer and Moderna reaped huge profits.

Much of what happened under the federal COVID-19 program did severe harm to many Americans. In 2020, 85 million people fell into poverty. This was the result of small businesses being forced to close and many non-essential workers being laid off. Remedies for early treatment were demonized and mocked. Many pharmacists refused to fill prescriptions for doctor prescribed Ivermectin. Then came the vaccines and that is when it got really ugly.

We were led to believe that if you got vaccinated, you no longer had to worry about getting COVID and that you wouldn’t spread the virus. Both of claims proved to be entirely false. By Fall 2021, the CDC website showed that over 86,000 people had reported severe side effects. Both the Janssen and AstraZeneca vaccines were reported to cause blood clots in a small number of people. The question should be: Was that number as small as what was reported? Since 2021, there has been an unexplained rise in the deaths of young adults who did not die from the virus or a drug overdose. In 2021, Many companies and institutions mandated the COVID-19 vaccines. Is this why the death rate of young adults increased since Fall 2021?

Regardless of what the actual truth is; democracy and authoritarian censorship of dissenting views can not co-exist. As we witness a genocide in Gaza, a US proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and the persecution of Julian Assange; it has become abundantly obvious that we are being spoon fed lies and propaganda by our government and their lapdog corporate media outlets. Malinformation can be simply defined as the inconvenient truth. Should we really believe that the government was truthful about the origins of COVID-19 and the safety and effectiveness of vaccines? Third parties (specifically the Green Party) should not be bowing to a corrupt government and corporate agenda. They should be questioning it and pushing back against it!

This blatant authoritarianism and violation of the First Amendment should not find a home in the Green Party. These censorship actions taken by the SCC against Lane Greens and the Green Liberty Caucus are absolutely scandalous and must be immediately lifted.

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