Jill Stein Calls for the truth: Investigate Covid Origin

Wet Market or Wuhan Lab? Green Party’s Jill Stein Questions Official Covid Narrative on Kim Iverson Show

Kim Iversen pitches a softball Covid question to Jill Stein, who calls for the truth but stops short of calling to halt the vaccine. (starts at 1 hour 2 minutes)

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Kim Iversen interviews Jill Stein, Green candidate for US President
Kim Iversen interviews Jill Stein

When asked about the GPUS Steering Committee’s 2020 pro-mandate statement, Jill replied that the statement was not from the Green Party as a whole and should be retracted as bad policy. She reiterated her stance that mandates are not appropriate and called for an investigation into the origin of SARS Cov2.

However, from the Green Liberty perspective, Jill needs to go further and fully denounce the Federal Covid Program. It was a crime against the people, advanced by the plutocracy and directed by mad scientists run amok in federal state agencies.

The Covid program was controlled by deep state operators, based on opaque law outside the scope of public health. According to Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watts, even the Department of Defense was among these operators.

Green Liberty Caucus stands for medical freedom and opposes mandates for Covid and other vaccines. We stand for a “cease and desist” of the Covid vaccine. We call for revoking its approval and “safe and effective” rating.

Green Liberty applauds Jill’s mandate opposition and her agreement that the Steering Committee should retract its statement. But we say the Green Party should further denounce the Federal Covid Program as a fraud. The Party should recognize that the laws rationalizing the Covid countermeasures were unconstitutional. Jury nullification by the people.

Certainly, Green Liberty welcomes Candidate Stein’s willingness to call for an investigation into the origins of SARS Cov2. But we are largely beyond the investigative phase by now. We already know the Covid vaccines are neither safe nor effective, and that the Feds conducted their Covid program in bad faith.

Green Liberty calls for the truth and repudiates malfeasance from all quarters. We demand accountability, transparency, and protection for whistleblowers to fight corruption and restore democracy to the republic.

Hopefully, Candidate Stein will call both for the truth about Covid and for a halt to the vaccines.

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