Green Liberty state of the Chapter Report ; February 2024.

Green Liberty taps into zeitgeist of doubt and distrust of government and corporations.

Dear members of the Pacific Green Party,

My name is Chuck Fall I am the chief proponent of Green Liberty Caucus, Oregon Chapter, and I am one of 5 founders.

The Green pillars for non-violence and grass roots democracy inspire 3 pragmatic concerns of Green Liberty: 1) accountability for state crimes and other malfeasance, 2) fight for transparency in governmental affairs, and 4) protection for whistleblowers.

Our activism is informed by the Pacific Green Party platform positions against the military industrial complex which includes the national security / surveillance state. The PGP calls for the CIA to be “dismantled;” in recognition of its bloody history; and PGP in a nod to its libertarian roots, stands for “limited forms of government” to emphasize the grass roots community solutions over progressive solutions that are prone to regulatory capture.

So, what is the state of the Green Liberty Caucus?

Since we formed, we have opposed the Federal covid program in general, protested war, and fought for representation on the PGP website to have access to party resources.

In this link you can find Green Liberty convention proposals which include convention vote to give Green Liberty chapter access to party resources; sadly we are denied access by the SCC: In this link find the resolution for a moratorium:

Here is a link to an open letter to the Oregon Governor and Oregon Health Authorities about ending the covid vaccines:

Meanwhile, our latest effort is for a moratorium on covid counter-measures / vaccines.

Members are requested to vote for a resolution that would stop the Covid vaccines and create a congressional tribunal to study the Fauci cover up and censorship of the lab origin; look into the ‘warp speed’ production of vaccines; and study the long term consequences of the mass inoculation program.

Here is a link to information on the growing demand for a Covid moratorium:

This link shows GLC solidarity with the world wide movement to stop covid vaccines:

We have appealed to Jill Stein to advance the call for a moratorium:

Also, we have advanced a call for medical freedom which would include access to integrative medicine that is free from Big Pharma medical industrial complex domination. Click here:

Green Liberty has issued a solidarity statement in support of the Children’s Health Defense, a media and advocacy operation that seeks accountability for the ill effects of vaccines, and other toxins including radio wave frequency signals shown to cause ill effects.

Green Liberty has issued statements of solidarity against the Ukraine and Gaza wars. These military ventures are expressions of the “forever wars” spawned by the war on terrorism post-September 11th attacks. See here:

And here:

And here:

We issued media in support of Exiting the World Health Organization on the grounds the WHO fraudulently declared a Covid Pandemic in March 2020, as part of a Globalist power grab against nation states’ sovereignty.

Finally, Green Liberty chapter has issued solidarity statements in favor of the banking and monetary reforms in the Green Party US platform which aim to democratize our money supply and end domination by the banking cartels. See here:

As mentioned, we are advancing a resolution for a moratorium. If the convention passes the resolution, then Oregon will request the National Delegates vote on the moratorium as well.

In closing, the Green Liberty Caucus provides a political home for dissident voices. We encourage forming alliances with others to find ways to liberate society from the power of the military industrial complex and the banking cartels. We can grow our ranks by engaging on issues that are important like fighting to secure our republic from plutocratic control by calling out the malfeasance and demanding accountability for the harm caused.

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