Green Liberty Hosts Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal Interview January 11th

Discussion grapples with problem of power and movement building

Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunals is a Peace Project opposing war that seeks to hold chief corporations associated with the manufacture of armament accountable for war crimes. watch interview at Youtube link

Green Liberty is in solidarity with the demand for accountability of war criminals.

Meet with Brad Wolf and fellow litigators for an 1 1/2 hour report and discussion.

January 11th, Thursday, 5pm Pacific ; 8pm Eastern

War Crimes Tribunal Holds Hearings on Leading Arms Manufacturing Corporations.

Click this link to website:

Click here to Rumble link to view opening Session on November 12, 2023:

Demanding accountability for state crimes, war crimes, and general malfeasance is foundational to advancing the green liberty sensibility. The War Crimes Tribunal is an important tactic in a larger strategy of getting accountability and justice from the power elite and the institutions they operate.

War Crimes Tribunal takes to task the leading arms manufacturing corporations by staging public hearings with testimony from experts who document their crimes.

We should be mindful that it is the duty of Congress to use its authority to look out for the general welfare of the country; furthermore, Congress is authorized under the constitution to hold Tribunals, but sadly, Congress has abdicated its duty leaving it up to the citizen activists at the War Crimes Tribunal to hold Merchants of Death accountable for their profiteering and domineering ways.

Click here to read in full detail the parameters and objectives of the War Crimes Tribunal.

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