Green Liberty Caucus in solidarity with Davi’s Call for building a movement.

Davi for US President
Davi for US President

Avatar Davi takes audacious dive into a run for the US presidency.

At the May 5th Pacific Green Party or Oregon convention, members voted for US Green Party nominees for US president. Davi got four delegates while Jill Stein got five, and Jazmine Sherman picked up two. It is unclear how Oregon will convey delegates at the Green Party US presidential nominating convention in August. Nevertheless, Greens in Oregon did respond to Davi’s inspirational call for change in a let’s-do-it-now and be the change we want to see.

Davi envisions a national digital electoral system that would provide the people direct say so in the development of policies that would inform the changes society needs to make. Moreover, such a voting scheme would enable the president to be selected by a popular vote, and the electoral college would be retired. This is a noble vision.

Davi’s “Earth Order” proposition advances “direct democracy with a digital voting system, coverage of all healthcare costs, a housing exchange ending homelessness, finding harmony and balance between usage and contribution to Earth.” The affirmation of eco wisdom is clear; earth is central to our existence, and building for seven generations is essential.

Letting citizens vote on law would make them pay attention, perhaps even galvanize them to support bigger changes. Davi offers a possibility for citizens to be democratic by talking about policy and voting, and in so doing, reclaiming democracy and pushing back against corruption.

At bottom, Davi accepts that an egalitarian society based on mutual aid and solidarity is necessary for dethroning the super wealthy and liberating our captured republic from the grip of establishmentarians. We stand in solidarity with possibilities for a real democratic revolution. Davi has some strong ideas about what we need to be doing.

In solidarity toward peace, justice and freedom.

The Declaration of American Human Governance: Why You Should be a Part of the Arising Coalition to Preserve Democracy in the 2024 Election

By Davi

With over 99% of the popular vote going to one candidate, has The Green Party publicly rigged their presidential primary?

And if so as the only non-corporate national political party, what does this mean for democracy in America?

On the Green Party 2024 presidential candidate page there are 6 listed presidential candidates. Regardless of the details of how one candidate was suddenly the only candidate allowed on the state ballots of states with the largest number of delegates such as California, Maine and Texas; regardless of why the advertised presidential candidates in New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Ohio were not the same candidates on the ballot; with over 99% of the popular vote going to one candidate, what we are left with is the only non-corporate party in America portraying itself to have no diversity of thought or opinion. 

Perhaps The Green Party’s best-kept secret is a presidential candidate that seemingly over-exemplifies the earthy and humanistic principles of the party, named Daví who has been running with the party since June 2023. The self-described Ävatar of Earth, who is presenting the first-ever presidential plan for equality and democracy via what he refers to as Earth Order: direct democracy with a digital voting system, coverage of all healthcare costs, a housing exchange ending homelessness, finding harmony and balance between usage and contribution to Earth.

Daví is the lone 2024 presidential candidate who is still in the race and not supporting profit-interests of mandates, big pharma, big tech and/or war which reflects most Americans’ current perspective. Instead of being excited about this new perspective and the youthful energy the 37-year old’s platform can bring to the party, the management of the party has seemingly hidden his existence, creating “tiers” of official recognition on the candidate listing page.

As proven by the Democratic Party in 2020, corporations such as Democratic, Republican and Libertarian Parties are only beholden to their own corporate goals and not the American people. The Green Party as the only non-corporate national political party has now ostensibly sacrificed their role as the last beacon for a potential fair election. Nonetheless, we in America have a democracy to maintain.

Daví’s team as well as a number of organizations in and outside of the Green Party including Green Renaissance (National), Green Liberty (Oregon), Presidential Candidate, Emanuel Pastreich and others have come together to jointly announce The Declaration of American Human Governance.

There is no precedent available in The Constitution to address when the government and the political parties go rogue, (as admitted by multiple current and former members of Congress); The Declaration of American Human Governance states that American government must respect Americans as humans first, before any other rules, corporations or so-called “artificial intelligence”. This document (written by Daví) declares American Human Governance over our American Government, taking action to ensure the accurate reflection of The People’s will in America’s government.

Starting on America’s Day of Freedom, July 4th and continuing to November 4th, 2024, if you as a natural-born or Green Card-holding citizen above the age of 18 would like to officially sign The Declaration of American Human Governance as well as vote for President in a digital 2024 vote, you can!

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