Green Liberty in solidarity: Fund People’s needs, not the War machine!

March 18th anti war event
Fund People’s Needs, not the War Machine

Green Liberty Caucus stands in solidarity with the March 18th protest against war and the military industrial complex.

March 18th represents the 20th anniversary of the Iraq War, a ‘forever war’ from the 9/11 events.

I remember marching in Portland Oregon, in early 2003, with tens of thousands to protest going to war with Iraq, before the war even started. A big lie was told about weapons of mass destruction, and the administration proceeded to invade based on a false narrative anyway. We the people didn’t vociferously protest the Big Lies, and we have consequently been conditioned into accepting false narratives about many events in our history.

It is important to acknowledge the history of lies that set the stage for the invasion of Iraq.

The 9/11 events remain unsolved and covered up by the US authorities. The 9/11 attacks created the national security emergency that introduced the Patriot Act, deployed the Anthrax attack on the Senate, and later gave cause to invade Afghanistan and after that Iraq,

We should not forget the NATO attack on Serbia, March 1999, to force it to back off from asserting its hegemony in the region. This was a predecesor event to enable NATO / Atlantic Alliance to dominate.

The 9/11 attacks and the subsequent ‘forever wars’ are the fruit of the neo-conservative Project for a New American Century, advanced by the Kagan / Nuland clan

The connection between the Ukraine War and the invasion of Iraq in 2003 is the American imperial project rationalized as a Project for a New American Century / aka: Atlantic Council / NATO power structure. We supported unity in solidarity with the February 19th Rage Against War on grounds Russia was goaded into war by NATO / Atlantic Alliance:

Victoria Nuland was the lead US State Department staffer who advanced the 2014 Maidan coup. This was a key event that has precipitated the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Green Liberty demands justice for state crimes: 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq; and now the Ukraine War and the Nord Stream Pipeline explosion.

See the interesting report from Robbie Martin on the Kagan Family and its role as deep state actors in advancing the NATO / Atlantic Council project. The Project for a New American Century has been retired and replaced with the war in Ukraine. I don’t like the sinister cover the You Tube sets up for Robbie Martin’s A very Heavy Agenda trilogy …trailer. check it out.

Here is a link to ANSWER Coalition:

Here is a link to UNAC:

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