Green Liberty supports Single Payer Healthcare!

The Green Liberty Caucus is co-sponsoring tonight’s webinar on the path to winning single-payer healthcare for all Americans. Being able to seek a wide variety of comprehensive healthcare options is essential to the movement for health freedom.

At the moment, private insurance often chosen by an employer has the profit incentive to deny as many insurance claims possible. It’s easy for patients to get caught with extra out-of-network charges on top of ridiculous premiums and other fees. If they are additional options at all, holistic, mental health services, nutritional, alternative medicine, dental, hearing, vision, and other medical services are not covered under the initial insurance premiums. A variety of our body parts are simply left out of “healthcare.”

What’s more, most of the options that are covered are those provided by the monstrous medical and pharma industries that purposely keep people ill to ensure that they have a large customer base dependent on extremely expensive drugs and procedures they recommend. Private insurance and Medicare share some of these problems, and as Medicare is privatized, these issues have only become worse. Both insured and uninsured Americans can easily end up under astounding amounts of debt and even lose their homes over one unlucky illness or injury event in the family. This is not freedom.

The healthcare options and the costs are simply untenable for Americans, and Greens have long been in the fight to drastically improve both the accessibility and comprehensiveness of care with a single-payer system. Please share this free webinar far and wide and join us at to talk about really winning single-payer! The main organizers of the Missouri and California Green Parties have gotten some great speakers and long time healthcare activists including Dr. Jill Stein and Dr. Margaret Flowers.  We hope to see you there!!!

Register at to join!

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