Federal Covid Program Exposed as National Security Operation Against the People

Sasha Latypova Provides Easy to Follow Explanation; References Debbie Lerman Deep Dive from Brownstone Inst.

Sasha Latypova on Mic Meow
Sasha Latypova on Mic Meow Podcast

Sasha Latypova gets high praise for her succinct, clear and understandable explanation for how the Covid mRNA vaccines were legally put into society yet the vaccines did not undergo any of the normal safety review other medicines must meet. See the interview at her Due Diligence substack: https://sashalatypova.substack.com/p/interview-with-micmeow-conservative?r=qbltf

Though legal for Pfizer to create ‘vaccine’ without actual consumer safety protections, the matter of making fraudulent statements that the vaccines are safe and effective remains a matter for litigation, and criminal prosecution, in my opinion.

Sasha is the pre-eminent voice, along with her colleague Katherine Watt from Bailywick News, for unpacking the multi-generational effort by secret government to insinuate the military industrial complex into our public health business through under handed legislative shenanigans, what Sasha calls “nonsense.”

Green Liberty is committed to advancing a truth politics that holds unaccountable actors to account. Dr. Fauci covered up the lab origin of the SARS Cov2, and lied about the safety and efficacy of the mRNA experimental vaccines, among other fraudulent representations. He deserves to be tried for treason, for using the manufactured fear of covid to advance a national security program (mandated vaccines and lockdowns) that harmed the American people. https://greenlibertycaucus.org/green-liberty-calls-for-medical-freedom-from-big-pharma/

In her report, Sasha and MicMeow podcaster feature the two part expose by Debbie Lerman posting at the Brownstone Institute, which does a deep dive on the material Sasha covers.

Where is Ralph Nader when you need him? Anyone worth their salt running for any Federal or state elected office has a duty to stand in solidarity with calling out the big lie that the covid vaccines are safe and effective.

Read the full expose by Debbie Lerman in links below:

Brownstone Institute home page
Brownstone Institute home page

Part 1: https://brownstone.org/articles/covid-mrna-vaccines-required-no-safety-oversight/

Part 2: https://brownstone.org/articles/covid-mrna-vaccines-required-no-safety-oversight-part-two/

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