Green Liberty is in solidarity with Robert Kennedy speaking truth to power.

Russell Brand talks with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and delve into the assassination of JFK, the true nature of the pandemic, and the war in Ukraine.

Russel Brand with Robert Kennedy
Russell Brand with Robert Kennedy

Russell’s big conversation this week is with presidential candidate in 2024, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Together, they delve into some of the most controversial topics of our time, including the assassination of JFK, the true nature of the pandemic, and the war in Ukraine. Whether you’re a political junkie or simply interested in learning more about the issues shaping our world, this conversation is a must-listen!

For a transcript passage that highlights a key passage in the interview, see Kaneoka the Great at Twitter:

Meanwhile, what is remarkable about Robert F Kennedy Jr. is that he is explicitly saying the CIA did the deed around his uncle, JFK, and that it played a role in the 9/11 events that enabled Patriot Act to pass under duress, with the use of Anthrax attack on the two leading Democratic Senators that wanted debate.

Also in this interview are reports on RFK’s memories as a 10 year old; and as a 14 year old when his father was killed. Interesting history we should all know. Getting his memories is worth this interview.

Kennedy goes on to explain that the Federal Covid Response was a National Security Agency program that deployed Department of Defense Warp Speed Covid countermeasures.

Kennedy refers to the text by James Douglas, JFK and the Unspeakable, why his death matters, as a definitive report that pulls together the most salient points of information to explain what happened and why.

While Kennedy is essentially blacked out by the mainstream media, and won’t get to debate Biden, he may be able to force the Democratic Party at the convention to recognize that he is more popular than Biden, and get the nomination.

Kennedy is not a spring chicken, and so he is going into the Democratic Party convention as an experienced operative; Dennis Kucinich is his campaign manager. We will see what happens. Meanwhile, take heart in this interesting and inspiring possibility that the Big Lies can be taken to task.

To the extent Kennedy is advancing a truth politics in his frank review of the assassination of his uncle, his father, the operation of the CIA in the 9/11 events, and now with the National Security Agency running the Federal Covid Response, Kennedy is showing real leadership.

Green Liberty is in solidarity with Kennedy speaking truth to power.

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