Robert Kennedy appeals to left / right unity to save democracy

RFK, Jr: I do think that there is a growing coalition in this country of populist forces, on the Left and Right, that are convening now and finding common ground. And I think that really is probably the only thing that is going to rescue American democracy.

For starters, check out this interview with Freddy Sayers out of the UK posted at Unherd:

RFK Jr: “I think there’s a rebellion happening in our country now — there’s a populist rebellion — and if we don’t capture that rebellion, for the forces of idealism and the forces of generosity and kindness, somebody else is going to hijack that rebellion for much darker purposes. I don’t think it’s a good idea to say we’re not going to talk to American populists because they’re deplorable. Americans are our brothers and sisters, and we need to listen to them. And their backs are against the wall because of policies that have come from both Republican and Democratic parties.”

For a deep dive into Robert Kennedy’s thinking, check out this long interview with the Besties, a media podcast collective that found common ground with Kennedy on some key issues.

As a bonus here is a report from Edward Curtin who puts Robert Kennedy’s pursuit of the US presidency in the context of the experiences of his uncle, John F. Kennedy, and his father Robert F. Kennedy.

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