Reinette Senum, candidate for California Governor in 2022 recall election, manifests Green Liberty consciousness. Follow her.

She is a leader for the current era. In solidarity! Watch this very inspiring interview with Alec Zeck.

Reinette Senum with Alec Zeck
Reinette Senum with Alec Zeck

Senum is a three time elected Mayor of Nevada City, California and tells the story of resigning at start of third term while in the midst of the Covid pandemic. She called the Emperor wearing no clothes and was shunned by her community. Senum speaks eloquently about the 7 generational consciousness, a principle in ecological wisdom, and provides praise to the Iroquois confederation. She is a great leader, and Green Liberty is in solidarity with her call to oppose the emerging techno-digital-medico-tyranny. In this interview, she is with her campaign manager, Melissa Grace, and is in a run against Gavin Newsom, who faced a recall election in 2022 in California.

Watch this very interesting interview and get to know a very important person. Here is a link to Senum’s substack:

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