Reinette Senum shows why she is a political truth leader!

She provides critical leadership; shows undaunted courage!

Reinette Senum
Reinette Senum at Foghorn Express

Reinette Senum is a very interesting activist who speaks truth to power. In this interview we get some basic background on Reinette’s experience as a politician and activist; we get her take on the events of the SARS Cov2 pandemic and the Federal Covid Response, and the lawsuit she is advancing against private contract company conducting aerial spraying for geoengineering on behalf of the Federal government. Senum subscribes to 7th generation thinking which holds the needs of nature and the future people must be taken into consideration when making decisions about using resources, building out the land, advancing new technologies. She recognizes the need for developing our commons and shared resources and pushing back against the emerging techno-totalitarianism advanced by the power elite.

Interview with Reinette Senum
Metals detected in Jet Exhaust
Metals detected in Jet Exhaust

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