Stop and Recall Covid Vaccines! Evidence shows vax unsafe and ineffective.

Dr. Lapado, Surgeon General of Florida, calls for Clovid vaccines to be stopped and recalled.

These three reports prove conclusively that the Covid vaccines must be stopped, and a full investigation conducted, and public health officials who didn’t act to stop the program, held to account.

Dr. Lapado: "The CDC, their house is crumbling."
The CDC house is crumbling.

Green Liberty Caucus, Oregon Chapter calls for Oregon to outlaw Covid vaccines; however, within the Pacific Green Party, membership is split on taking this strong a step.

These two reports from The Highwire establish beyond a doubt that vaccines are not safe and effective, as claimed by the Federal authorities. The report with Dr. Lapado shows the CDC is lying when it says the VAERS information is not definitive. These reports show the Covid vaccines are not safe and effective and that in fact, the vaccines lead to hospitalizations and even death. The report from Jefferey Jaxxen with Del Bigtree about Western Australia is key evidence from a highly controlled lockdown situation that Covid vaccines do not work and that the risks of taking the shots outweigh any claimed benefit. To read Dr. Lapado’s reply to the CDC, read here:

Wave of Vaccine Reactions Reported in Western Australia
Wave of Vaccine Reactions Reported in Western Australia

As a bonus: here is a report from Nevradakis, at Children’s Health Defense, who reviews the work of Ed Dowd’s group that studies all cause mortality and shows that a spike in mortality correlates with the introduction of the Covid vaccines.

Groundbreaking Analysis: COVID Vaccines Caused 300,000 Excess Deaths, $147 Billion in Damage to Economy in 2022 Alone
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