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 PGP Lane Accomplishments in 2023

Pacific Green Party, Lane is one of the party’s oldest continually active chapters. We’re based mainly, but not exclusively, in Lane County. Our membership has evolved over the years, and our name has changed a couple times. But we are as busy as ever promoting Green values and changing the world! 

We maintain an active Facebook Page and Group, Twitter account, Youtube and Bitchute channels, and Google account.

We meet often. For the past year, we have worked closely with Green Liberty Caucus, which some of our members helped found. Sixteen party members qualified as supporting members for this convention by attending our meetings.

Although well developed, we are not rigidly structured. This allows us as individuals to freely promote our common cause as each sees fit. We function well as a large group because we can tolerate differences of opinion among ourselves, and focus on our agreements.

In 2023 and early 2024, we formally endorsed:

Our Statement on the ICJ Ruling

“Pacific Green Party, Lane supports the International Court of Justice finding that Israel is conducting behavior likely to result in genocide, and it is therefore a responsibility of UN member nations to prevent this – especially our own that, instead, is enabling Israeli genocide by providing it weapons and declining to demand a ceasefire.  We therefore demand that the Biden administration cease all arms delivery to Israel, require a ceasefire, and demand that Israel provide funding for complete restoration of all it has destroyed, as assessed by the General Assembly in collaboration with UNRWA. We applaud the efforts of both South Africa and Yemen in their efforts to stop and prevent further genocide of Palestinians in recognition of their international duties, which our own country disgracefully and shamefully ignores.”

Our chapter members have actively focused on education and advocacy on many issues, with the public as well as with city, state and federal representatives. These issues include:

  • Health and health freedom
  • Electromagnetic pollution
  • GMOs
  • Ending US wars and imperialism
  • Free Palestine and ending the genocide 
  • Reversing authoritarian trends in government
  • Voting system reform
  • Agrarian issues
  • Aerial spraying
  • Protecting pollinators
  • Protecting our watersheds
  • Maintaining Oregon’s nuclear energy moratorium

Our media outreach has nearly 1000 followers and reached over 10,000 in 2023.
In addition, here’s a few more examples of our hard work:

Racism, Empire, and Survival by Jack Dresser – KEPW 97.3FM

Body Count by Dan Pulju, KEPW 97.3FM

One of several events hosted by Brad Smith:

Members active in 2023 included Sabrina Siegel, Jack Dresser, Steven Godo Kiss, Paige Cramden, Bill Zwicker, Barbara Bochnovic, Dan Pulju, and Mariah Leung

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