podcaster warns Cornel West Could be People’s Party Plant; but West Registers with Greens to run for President.

“I hope I am wrong,” podcaster pleads, Warning People’s Party hold on Cornel West may be problem for Green Party.

Soon after the report below was made, Cornel West was taken under the wing of Green Party members operating out of Texas. Cornel West has dropped his association with People’s Party. Meanwhile, consider the report as a flash of concern…Meanwhile,

Was Nick Brana trying to merge People’s Party into Green Party? Podcaster claims People’s Party takes money from donors but doesn’t build a real party. Nick Brana is using Cornel West; but why is Cornel letting himself be used?

Watch this interesting 36 minute reflection on the recent events of the Cornel West presidential campaign. Joy reports receiving information from Green Party insiders who claim People’s Party Nick Brana is communicating that Cornel West can be the Green Party nominee if Green Party agrees to accept People’s Party leadership in the Cornel West campaign.

Already the People’s Party is representing Cornel West and collecting money in his name, but the fund is a tax deductible organization which indicates West has not formed a presidential political action committee and remains registered with the Federal Elections Commission as a People’s Party candidate.

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