Pathologist Arne Burkhardt Explains Dangers of Covid Vaccines: Ban the Vax

Expert Interview By Taylor Hudak Proves Conclusively Covid Vaccines Must Be Banned.

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Pathologist Arne Burkhardt reveals grave dangers of mRNA vaccines
Pathologist Arne Burkhardt reveals grave dangers of mRNA vaccines

Taylor Hudak interviews Dr. Burkhardt, German pathologist, who unpacks how the Covid vaccines cause adverse events in some of those who receive it. The interview distinquishes between pathologies from a Covid infection and pathologies associated with the Covid vaccine alone.

Green Liberty stands in solidarity with the findings of Dr. Burkhardt, and notice that he follows a theory of responsibility and obligation to know the truth about the Covid vaccines. This explains why he would come out of retirement and work without pay to do scientific study of body tissue of those who took the Covid Vaccines. The evidence is clear, the Covid vaccines are dangerous and should be stopped.

This interview shows beyond a doubt that the Covid vaccines are bad medicine on account of the mRNA technology, the introduction of the spike protein into the body. The deployment of the vaccines into German society (like in the USA) was a political act that ignored best medical practices relative to aspirating a syringe prior to injecting vaccine, as one example. Dr. Burkhardt’s moral stance highlights the the doctor’s obligation to do no harm, and raises questions about what the doctor’s who went along with the Covid vaccination program were thinking.

Green Liberty, demands accountability for state crimes and other malfeasance, transparency in state and corporate affairs, protection for whistleblowers, an independent media, and even calls for an egalitarian revolution to liberate from plutocratic domination. Given our stance, we are impelled, as Dr. Burkhardt was impelled, to act against the Covid Vaccines and demand they be stopped.

The Covid Vaccine remains in use in society today, but it is dangerous. Why the failure to protect the public? This is a scandal that must be called out by demanding we Ban Covid Vaccines!

Professor Burkhardt provides expert testimony and shows beyond a doubt that the Cold vaccine through the introduction of the spike protein, causes injury. As an individual, he exemplifies a moral human being, who when he sees a dangerous situation, does something about it, rather than go silent.

Professor Burkhardt is deceased, and so it is on us, the living with breath to speak out, and capacity to compose text, and with legs to march, to call out the Covid Big Lie by demanding a “cease and desist” of the Covid vaccines.

Next, we can talk about reparations from the plutocracy and the state agencies they control, for all the damage done.

A word about the interviewer: Taylor Hudak provides an important journalistic service to the political truth movement through her work. Check her body of work:

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