Emanuel Pastreich provides vision for Green Liberty Political Organization

Planned Remarks for November 4th, 2023; First Annual Green Liberty Conference

Build a vanguard for a national movement

By Emanuel Pastreich

Green Liberty PAC forms the vanguard of a national movement for the liberation of citizens from the oligarchic domination of our society by corporations and banks. We welcome you to join us, to participate in a historic effort to rebuild our nation from the bottom up by forming intellectually and economically self-sufficient communities that will allow us to fulfill our human potential independent of the predations of the rich and powerful.

 Green Liberty reaches out to all who are lost or threatened, impoverished or indebted, promising a substantial liberation coalition that will serve as the backbone for a mass movement of the scale, the intensity, and the spiritual and intellectual rigor necessary to transform our society.  

Green Liberty breaks decisively with the false concept of politics that is promoted by the corrupt media wherein “we the people” have only a role as observers and have no choice but to send money to politicians who will never meet with us, or truly represent us, who will only occasionally shower us with crumbs and slick speeches written up by PR firms that promise everything but deliver nothing.

The media, controlled by a handful of powerful corporations, works hard to convince us that we must seek out magicians to solve our problems for us. Green liberty says we must build a better society with our own hands. There is no road to good government except that which we lay down in our own communities by with our own hands.  

Green Liberty will create citizens’ journalism that can replace the media swamp, provide real political meetings for all citizens, and promote honest education for ordinary people that will help them to understand the reality behind the lies and to organize effectively to overturn the corrupt political order we face.

Green Liberty asks you to join us a struggle to transform the United States. Your donations are welcome, but your ideas, your labors, your personal commitment are far more important for us.  

Green Liberty will never judge your value as a citizen, as a member, on the basis of how much money you can contribute. There are so many ways you can help us in this struggle for freedom and equality.  

Your efforts will form the sinews which bind citizens to a government which is accountable. Green Liberty will create neighborhood organizations that are democratic and participatory and can support a representative democracy for the nation.  

Whether it is the sprawling prisons filled with the innocent, the decaying infrastructure that condemns our children to despair, or the promulgation of a culture of consumption and indulgence that has destroyed the virtues of frugality, modesty and humility, we have much work do to.  

This republic should function like a delicate clock, responding predictably to the needs of citizens. But what do we do if the clock’s fan fly is gummed up with muck, if its escape wheel is fractured, or its hammer rod is warped?  

Do we leave the clock alone, knowing that it will eventually come to an irreparable stop? Or do we clean the entirety from head to toe, repairing and improving?  

Green Liberty is preparing the means to halt the complete collapse of the republic.

Our Declaration of Independence impowers us thus:  

“When it becomes painfully self-evident that a long train of abuses and usurpations are born of the pursuit of absolute despotism, it then becomes our right, and our duty, to provide new guards for the people’s future security.”  

Green Liberty will “provide new guards” by restoring a discourse in politics that is honest, and we will reestablish a government that holds up an ideal, and implements that ideal. Until we do so, all promises made by politicians, whether they call themselves “conservative” or “progressive,” will not mean much.  

We stand for your individual liberty as the primary guard against tyranny, but we also hold that no individual should stand alone in the fight for liberty. Green Liberty will form a political community for mutual support that places liberty in the context of justice, defends constitutional rights, and advances the fundamental values on which our nation was founded while denouncing explicitly the state crimes that have rendered our republic a decayed empire.   

Green Liberty demands that state crimes be faced, not covered up, that the victims be served with justice, not distracted and deceived. That will make our Constitution more than words on paper, make it a living compact that extends to all citizens. We will hold the hidden powers accountable, insist that the government conduct itself transparently, and expose the parasitic forces of wealth, privilege, and entitlement that have reduced our republic to a puppet show.  

With your help, we can reclaim our republic from the grasp of the plutocratic oligarchy that set up a secret government on November 23, 1963, one that remains in place to this day.  

Had the true leaders of the 1960s, not those in the pay of banks and corporations, people like John F Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Robert F Kennedy, Fred Hampton, and other leaders, not been assassinated, American history might well have arced toward justice, just as Dr. King had envisioned.  

That arc of towards justice was shattered and we can only rebuild it by speaking the terrible truth and thereby giving to citizens not fear, but hope, not despair, but inspiration.  

Although Green Liberty PAC is a “political action committee” it is radically different than those in the business of peddling false hopes and cardboard messiahs.  

Green liberty is the Statue of Liberty that holds up a torch to light the way for all who are lost in darkness, calling out, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Green liberty is not a scam to collect money in return for false promises, but a sacred promise from one citizen to another that we will form local, self-sufficient, communities that will stand for what the green (the sustainable, the renewable and all that is in harmony with nature) and for liberty (all of our fundamental human rights) by advancing economic, intellectual and spiritual independence in every corner of the land, supporting resistance to techno-totalitarian governance, and standing with your always as you fight back against the bio-fascist control of the body, and tyrannical brainwashing of the mind.   

We will help you organize. We will welcome you to join our team for life, and we will stand with you as we build, from the ground up, the institutions necessary to take back this nation, and take back this Earth from the globalists who have falsely claimed complete possession of everything.  

Join us! The truth goes marching on!  

Activities of Green Liberty  

Green Liberty takes a fundamentally different approach to its relationship with citizens than the political parties that dominate the United States today.  

The rich and the multinational corporations that they control are happy to shower the political parties with money because they know that they will get value equal, or greater, than the money that they invest from the various favors the political parties will do for them.  

For the average citizen, however, the only reason to donate to a political party is an abstract idealism, a belief that somehow the money you give to a politician will help to realize some ideal, or hold up some value, in concrete policy through the efforts of a political party. There is no expectation, or even hope, that the political party will offer you and your family benefits in the way that corporations and the rich get benefits from them. In fact, there is no office for the Democrats or Republicans nearby you where you can demand accountability, or ask for help. If you are foolish enough to call up these political parties, you will get a recording asking for money.

The obvious result of the privatization of political parties, which have been reduced to PR firms for the powerful, is that they offer you nothing. You cannot meet politicians, except to hear their prepared speeches. They are not interested in your ideas, but rather want to collect money from the rich in the backroom and use that money to hire advertising firms to convince you that politicians are being helpful.  

Green Liberty takes an entirely different approach. Green Liberty offers services, advice, projects, and other concrete activities to citizens as part of our movement. That assures you that you are a central part of the Green Liberty movement. Your contribution will have concrete benefits for you in terms of the services and advice that we offer. Even if you have no money to give at all, your efforts will be welcome at Green Liberty, you will be appreciated and properly rewarded, for whatever efforts you make to rebuild the nation from the ground up.

We do not suck up your money for our use preparing for hyped up elections that will change nothing, but make IT contractors and PR firms rich. No! We will work together with you to completely transform the United States into an egalitarian, transparent, accountable, scientific society in which all citizens have basic rights and all children have equal opportunities.  

Here are some concrete activities and strategies that Green Liberty is preparing:

Advice for Organizing your Community

Green Liberty will assign an expert to help you set up your own Green Liberty headquarters in your neighborhood and will supply you with the tools you need, and the resources from Green Liberty headquarters, needed to get your efforts to create an independent and self-sufficient community off the ground. We will help you build a participatory political and economic community that addresses the real needs of the citizens.  

The expert adviser from Green Liberty will connect you with our team at headquarters and show you how you can set up long-term, substantial self-help and mutual-aid programs systems that will make your community independent from parasitic corporations and banks, allow your citizens to think for themselves, and act for themselves, thus establishing independent institutions that are free and egalitarian in nature.

Accountable government cannot be established in a nation suffering from this degree of cultural and ethical rot through a mere political election. We must start to build up communities, local organizations, that are democratically run, transparent and accountable, and that will serve as a model later for the rebuilding of government in the United States that is independent of corporations and banks.   

Setting Up Mutual Support Systems

Green Liberty will develop with you sophisticated mutual-aid systems between citizens wherein close relationships of trust are developed among members and combined with commitments to help out each other in all aspects of human experience. These new institutions made of people, not online computer banks, will create the equivalent of a participatory government run by the citizens that will fill the enormous vacuum in our society left by the destruction of civil society and the privatization of government.  

These support systems will include pledges to help each other, systems for bartering skills and abilities, programs for pooling resources, for creating insurance plans among citizens so as to eliminate the need for private insurance companies, and setting up other exchanges covering health and nutrition, childcare, and other mutual efforts.

Forming Youth Corps

Green Liberty will help form youth corps that will encourage independent thinking and mutual aid among youth to replace the sickly narcissistic and passive attitudes promoted by multinational corporations through the games, videos, songs, and pornography that bombard our youth today. Youth corps will denounce the narcissism and indulgence, the worship of the rich and powerful, that is promoted in corporate-packaged youth culture, and rather encourage youth to pledge to help each other for a lifetime, encouraging ethical commitment, wisdom and charity, concern for family and community, and moral bravery. By inculcating scientific thinking and moral reasoning among youth, the Green Liberty youth corps will transform our society.  

Educational Programs for Citizens

Green Liberty will offer educational programs at the local level, and online, that help citizens to understand how our society actually functions—as opposed to the lies and myths perpetuated by the commercial media.

Citizens will learn how banks actually work, how the government is administrated and who makes the real decisions (and how), the nature of money and stock, and what is necessary to live a healthy and meaningful life. Education programs will include programs teaching you how to care for your health, eat healthy food, make your own furniture, food, clothes and tools, and otherwise how to realize self-sufficiency and freedom. Citizen’s education will also provide citizens with basic scientific facts about the world that are ignored by most of the media and education.

Most importantly, Green Liberty education assumes that all citizens are capable of understanding how the world actually works and that such knowledge is critical for all of us finding a way to overcome the long arm of corporations that reaches deep into our lives.  

Educational Forums to Explain Economics, Politics, Society, and International Relations

Green Liberty members, including local community members, Green Liberty representatives and experts will offer regular talks for citizens that explain important economic, social and political issues of the current moment in a clear manner and that provide an understanding how the system really works. Citizens will be given the chance to engage in a serious debate about what needs to be done, and make plans for implementation.  

Setting up barter and local currency programs for the community  

Green Liberty will help your community to set up a barter system (one that can employ a local currency) which allows citizens to exchange their skills and abilities, assets and products, for items of equal value without having to work through banks or corporations. Such a barter economy, undergirded by basic values of honesty and decency, thrift and diligence, will bring true economic independence, create real jobs at the local level and eliminate dependency on multinational banks and corporations who currently suck wealth from the community like vampires at every turn. If barter systems are combined with local organic farming, and the creation of furniture and other household goods at the local level, they can establish true economic autonomy which is the foundation of liberty.  

These efforts can be made into credit associations and citizen’s banks that provide real money and honest loans—with zero money going to multinational parasite banks. Because the currencies employed in barter systems are rooted in real goods and services, and limited in use to members of the community, they will not suffer from inflation and will be far more reliable than national debt currencies controlled by banks.

Sharing of resources and tools  

At the same time that Green Liberty helps you set up a barter system, we will also help you to share resources and tools so that citizens do not need to sink too much money into automobiles, tools, computers, even washing machines and tents, items that we can easily share with neighbors through mutual support systems. Such sharing of resources can dramatically reduce the expenses for individuals and families, promoting greater independence.   

Creating local newspapers

The massive consolidation of journalism under the control of global finance has destroyed all sources of reliable local information, making citizens dependent on corporate media that is designed to make people stupid and to mislead and confuse. Green Liberty will help you to set up your own effective local newspapers, in paper and online, that will give accurate journalism and scientific analysis of international and national issues while providing honest and blunt information about who owns what, what decisions in your community are made behind your back by the rich and powerful, and how those decisions impact the economy and the politics of your local community.

Green Liberty will teach you how to be a reporter, how to derive steady income from investigative journalism, how to set up, once again, rigorous independent newspapers at the local level, and how to extend your search for truth and morality to all members of your community and to take down the fake corporate pigs who try to drown citizens in trash.

Forming a “constitutional government” in your community  

Most local governments in the United States are run as dictatorships by the political parties and corporations using backroom deals between a tiny handful of local players. Democracy and government policy has become a marionette show for the public, not a reality. Green Liberty will help you to set up your own “constitutional government” in your neighborhood made up of citizens who agree to uphold the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and to organize to challenge every single effort by government agencies, corporations, and banks to engage in activities that are unconstitutional, illegal or immoral.  

The local “constitutional government” will legally assume its authority from the Constitution, and will not hesitate to demand the end of unconstitutional policies, the resignation, or arrest of anyone, no matter how prominent, who is engaged in illegal or unconstitutional activities. Local constitutional governments have a legal and constitutional authority that corrupt and unconstitutional “public-private partnerships” and their illegal guidelines and directives will never have.

The constitutional governments established by Green Liberty will be the front line where citizens will take a stand against institutionalized criminality and make it clear to the world that blatantly illegal practices such as the deployment of 5G facilities, the dumping of chemicals in the water or air, the privatization of government services, influence peddling by lobbyists in government, and the control and manipulation of citizens by private security firms, multinational IT and intelligence firms, will not be tolerated.

Constitutional governments will win over citizens to scientific and rational thinking, taking power away from the fraudulent corporate systems designed to mislead and distract.  

They will patiently explain to citizens the truth that less technology is better, advertising designed to manipulate the public is immoral, and that there is no scientific basis for the push for growth, consumption, and the rising stock market as an indication of economic health. They will demonstrate why computers and smart phones can be destructive to human society, why written documents are better than computer files, why the waste of resources is unethical—even if it supposedly brings mythical “growth,” and how city planning focused on automobiles is discriminatory and helps the rich at the expense of the poor.  

Advocating for policy, supporting political candidates, and working with political parties

Although the current political and administrative system is so deeply corrupt as to be practically beyond redemption, Green Liberty will advocate, to the degree that it is possible, for policies that are healthy and good for the people, support politicians who hold up ideals, and policies, we can support, and even work with political parties, at some future date, if their actions are in accord with our goals.  

Green Liberty will have to make comprises and build coalitions as part of the process of getting the United States back on track, but our goal is to appeal to the better angels of all, and demand the highest standards from all, rather than selling our souls in the hope of achieving power or fame.

National Level

Green Liberty will hold national conferences of local chapters to compare best practices and coordinate policies. We will advocate at the local level for national policies that support publicly owned means of communications, travel, distribution and logistics, and that establish a scientific and democratic platform for the formulation and enactment of policy that is for the people and that does not include any corporations or banks.

International Level

Once Green Liberty has properly established itself at the local and national level in the United States, we will reach out to similar efforts around the world to set up transparent, accountable and democratic local communities. We hope that exchanges of citizens (and youth especially), comparison of best practices, and other international dialogues will be of mutual benefit and will create the infrastructure for transparent and democratic approaches to international, not globalist, forms of Earth government.  

Efforts to establish true international governance that is ties to local communities.

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