Emanuel Pastreich will Discuss his Run for the Presidency and getting the Green Party Nomination; Meet him On Monday, August 7th at Green Liberty Meeting.

Meet on zoom: August 7th, 4pm Pacific Time; 7pm Eastern

Emanuel for President
Leading a political revolution

When: Aug 7, 2023 04:00 PM Pacific Time; 7pm Eastern (US and Canada)

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Emanuel Pastreich’s story in brief:

Emanuel declared his run for the presidency in 2020: check out his statement of candidacy.

Pastreich is running on truth politics, monetary reform, and building a movement for real change. He is advancing a political revolution, something our country needs.

Green Liberty Bloc supports the Emanuel Pastreich run for the presidency. His story is unusual and one most Americans will find foreign and difficult to comprehend. He is an innocent victim of deep state machinations that has cost him his career as an academic in the United States.

In effect, Pastreich is a refugee from a national security operation that could not abide by the premise of an academic program that would nudge the world toward building a peaceful Asia, advanced by a multi-polar policies of global affairs, and which implicitly suggested rapprochement with China.

As president of the United States, Pastreich would support building a multi-polar world and advance the principle of non-violence in global affairs.

The non-violence / peace pillar, impels us greens to advance a policy, and champion a candidate, that seeks the dismantlement of the the military industrial complex. Pastreich leads on this principle.

Emanuel became a target upon whom the deep state could show what happens to creative thinkers with dissident perspectives. Opposition to his work from opaque actors cost Pastreich his professional life as an academic in the states.

Pastereich advanced a cutting edge online learning program that would advance collegiality among nations benefiting China, Japan and Republic of Korea, and other nations. He takes a multipolar approach to Asian affairs.

Green Liberty supports Pastreich on the principle that the world needs all nations to come together to help human society and restore the natural ecosystem. The emergency we live under today has taken us beyond war such that the United States must dismantle its military machine and approach the world in partnership to solve real problems. Pastreich’s campaign offers a pathway toward a real democratic revolution.

To get Emanuel’s story in summary form, read pages 7 – 14 from the pdf posted on this website which provides an e-book, “Wrestling with Shadows” that tells the story of Pastreich’s ordeal that started over 20 years ago. His campaign for president is his way of fighting back and helping the country get on track for real change toward restoring integrity to our republic. Posted in full below.

For more information on Emanuel’s campaign go to: https://emanuelprez.com/?ckattempt=1

Search Emanuel Pastreich at greenlibertybloc.org for interviews and more.

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