Emanuel Pastreich for president; 2024 platform in 20 planks

Emanuel for President
Leading a political revolution

20 Plank Platform inspired by “Fear No Evil” stance; Green Liberty in solidarity with Pastreich as champion for advancing truth politics to leverage change.

1)  End the COVID19 operation against humanity and restore science and ethics to health

The super-rich, hiding behind corrupt government officials, bogus NGOs, and decadent celebrities promoted an unconstitutional and immoral mask and vaccine regime, implemented criminal lockdowns in a systematic effort to isolate us from each other and to destroy our constitutional right to freedom of assembly, and took any number of policy decisions aimed at destroying the economy of the people and increasing the domination of multinational corporations.  

Science demonstrates clearly that the masks are damaging to health and a blatant form of tyranny and that these “vaccines” are not vaccines at all but biological weapons. Yet, the rich were able to use their control of the media, of government, of academic research, and of finance to force this operation on the American people—leaving millions dead and tens of millions scarred for life.  
The rich bribed experts to argue for these vaccines which were exempt from legal liability and that were developed in secret. Those vaccines contain modified RNA which will cause cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other afflictions.  
The use of psychological manipulation and bioweapons constituted a declaration of war against the people cloaked in the saccharine syrup of health, safety, and security.

The COVID19 vaccines must be stopped, the assets of the wealthy families that promoted this war on the people must be seized, including the assets of the multinational corporations and investment banks who planned and implemented this regime of terror.

Full compensation must be forthcoming, but it must all come from the assets of those who planned and carried out this war, not the tax dollars of the citizens. All classified documentation related to this war must be declassified and released to the public so that a full investigation, resulting in criminal prosecutions, can be pursued.  

 2)  Launch international scientific investigations into the past that politicians refuse to confront  

We cannot make long-term policy or conduct transparent governance if we fail to address the spread of totalitarian politics in our nation.

 We must launch an international, transparent, and scientific investigation into the actions taken by a tiny handful of powerful men after the 2000 election, culminating in the so-called “9.11” incident, that destroyed constitutional rule and started the criminal administration of large sections of the federal government.  

We will use the power of the scientific method to uncover the true story of what happened, and determine who plotted and carried out these actions through an international investigation.  

Granted the seriousness of the crime, all related materials must be declassified and made public. We will not be satisfied with simplistic explanations that blame just one group, or another. “Murder on the Orient Express” was a solvable crime.  

3)  Climate change and the collapse of biodiversity are the overwhelming security threats: The response must involve every aspect of domestic and foreign policy  

The climate of the Earth, our soil, our rivers and lakes, our oceans and forests, are being destroyed by ruthless policies driven by corporate greed to a degree that threatens humans with extinction in the next two hundred years.

 The fact that forest fires are set on purpose to scare people into supporting bogus “climate change” policies intended to concentrate power in the hands of the rich, the fact that geoengineering is used to create unnatural weather patterns for political and economic reasons, the fact that totalitarian “smart cities” are promoted as a solution to a hyped-up climate change threat, does NOT mean that climate change, and the collapse of biodiversity, are not immanent threats to humanity.

We will commit to a hundred-year plan for the mitigation of, and the adaptation to, climate change, with a focus on the misuse of petroleum and coal for fuel and plastics, and the destruction of natural habitats for profit.

We must devote immense resources to this plan, committing to the equivalent of a war economy wherein the dangerous substances petroleum and coal that enrich the few are eliminated and citizens are allowed to produce their own energy at the local level, and not forced to subsidize energy companies through exploitative distribution and retail systems, car-oriented city planning, and other forms of deep corruption that are destroying the ecosystem.

 We will set forth directives that demand the rapid reduction in the use of fossil fuels, the end of the use of private automobiles and the restriction of the use of airplanes. Unlike the fraudulent electric automobile scam aimed at creating a false dependency on corporations and empowering them to shut down the economy at any time, this push for an end of fossil fuels will empower the people at the local level and end the damage to the environment caused by the petroleum economy first imposed through the bribery of the Rockefeller family.  

We will finance the installation of solar power and wind power generators in every neighborhood for the people, not for corporations. All intellectual property rights for these technologies will be placed in the public domain for this purpose. Upgrades will be available for all buildings to cover the costs of insulation and solar and wind power that employ 50-year loans which make renewable energy cheaper than fossil fuels immediately by calculating costs over the long-term.

Oil and gas corporations have made trillions of dollars by pushing dangerous substances like petroleum, coal, uranium, and natural gas that they knew full well were destroying the environment. Such actions were criminal. The assets of these corporations, and of their owners, should be seized by the government and those funds used to finance the transformation of our economy at the local level.

We will recognize the waste of energy, food, and natural resources as the abomination that it is and consumption will no longer be promoted as a symbol of a better life. Growth and consumption will not be held up as economic ideals; frugality will be again a virtue.  

We will create sustainable urban and suburban communities and undertake the restoration of wild areas to assure biodiversity. That will mean tearing up the malls, the parking lots, the factories, and the freeways that have defiled our sacred forests and our precious wetlands.

4)  End secret governance  

The United States is no longer governed by the congress, the executive branch, the courts, or any other accountable and transparent government office at the federal, state, or local level.

The functions of government as defined by the Constitution have been outsourced illegally to private contractors and IT firms, including many based Israel or other nations.

Governance is not carried out by elected officials, or by civil servants, but rather by using secret contracts that defy democratic process.

There are three forms of secret governance employed by the powerful who run the government: 1) the use of classified directives issued by privatized government agencies, 2) the use of secret law passed by Congress which has the effect of Federal law but whose disclosure is punishable with fines, and 3) the use of non-disclosure agreements that force anyone involved in secret governance of the country to agree to silence on state crimes.

All these forms of secret governance must end and the entire structure of secret governance since 2000 must be completely declassified and released to the public.

5)  13th amendment demands the end of slavery  

The 13th amendment of our Constitution explicitly prohibits slavery. Yet our citizens are forced into debt by the dishonest and deceitful actions of banks, the privatization of education, and spread of slave labor practices through factories and warehouses.  
In addition, citizens are thrown in prisons, often on trumped-up charges, and forced to work for no pay under humiliating conditions for the benefit of corporations.

American workers are treated with contempt by multinational corporations that pretend to be American. Even public servants, policemen, and the military are treated as slaves, by the corporations that have seized control of our government.  
Education and healthcare have been purposely privatized so as to create a population of debt slaves.

These despicable practices must be ended, without exception, through the rigorous application of the 13th amendment in the United States.

6)  Stop the dangerous influence of technology on our citizens  

The media teaches our citizens that the exponential evolution of technology is an unmitigated positive. Yet, exposure to technologies (vaguely defined as AI) robs us of the ability to focus, deprives us of the wherewithal to think for ourselves, and creates dependency on corporations by stripping citizens of their rationality and forcing them to rely on on-line services run by multinational companies for the tasks that they, their neighbors, and their families could easily undertake themselves.

Technology is used to induce addiction to short-term stimulation so as to generate profits for corporations.

Citizens must interact with each other and we need jobs that let us cooperate with each other. But all we encounter is recorded messages, manipulated social media, and automated checkouts that we do not need or want. Behind the plastic façade we face lurk rows of supercomputers coldly calculating corporate profits to be gained by replacing citizens capable of resisting tyranny with obedient robots and drones.

Democratic process has been destroyed by the misapplication of technology. That was no accident, but rather a premeditated crime.

A scientific understanding of the state of our Earth, and of our society, must be the basis for the implementation of technology. The long-term impact on the body and mind of 5G, or other technologies, is essential. As Paul Goodman wrote, “Whether or not it draws on new scientific research, technology is a branch of moral philosophy, not of science.” We confuse science with technology at our peril.  

7)  Corporations are not people; The rich get only one vote

Corporations are not people and they should not play any role in the formulation of policy for the nation.  
The same is true for the super-rich, and for the investment banks that they employ to exert their will.  

The information required by policy makers in order to make informed decisions must be supplied to them by accountable career civil servants, professors, and other experts engaged in the objective evaluation of the current state of our country, people who address technical and administrative problems with an eye towards the long-term interests of the people.  There should not be any pressure on those engaged in governance to derive profit for patrons.

The rich are just people and they have no more rights than anyone else. They are not entitled to special privileges in public places, to inside information concerning policy and economic planning, or to special meetings with government officials.  

We must empower a true constitutional civil service so that the government can regain its independence and we can produce strict regulatory systems to protect the people from the predations of banks and corporations. In that process, many corporations, such as banks, or communications and energy companies, should be nationalized, and run by competent staffs of civil servants as public monopolies.  

Other public services should be run as collectives at the local level, owned and controlled by citizens. Such ethical governance has precedents dating back to ancient times and does not require ideological decoration. It also provides solid long-term jobs at the local level.  

8)  Transform the military-intelligence complex  

The out-of-control military no longer reports even to the corrupt Federal government. The billionaires behind the screen take our tax dollars and transfer them directly to their bank accounts through the sales of overpriced weapons produced in response to hyped up, or mythical, threats from abroad.

None of these threats, or these weapon systems, are subject to meaningful outside review, or any scientific assessment—the ridiculous missile defense system is a perfect example of the boondoggles resulting from a fantasy world that enriches the few.  
Make no mistake, there is a war going on: fifth-generation warfare in which the dumbing down of the people and massive psychological warfare operations against citizens are undertaken to isolate and divide us so that the super-rich can destroy us.  
We need men and women willing to give their lives for their country, to save their families and friends. The bravery of soldiers must be focused on the dangerous work of ending the rule of our country by the masters of global investment banks, fossil fuel conglomerates, IT giants, and their swarms of lackeys.

Tragically, the noble sentiment to defend family and countrymen against external threats has been cynically misdirected. The military, and the intelligence “community” that surrounds it as a penumbra, must be transformed, and must be dedicated to a new target: taking back the economy, the discourse on policy, and the means of communication from the billionaires and then confiscating their ill-got assets to pay for their crimes.

Once we have control of our country again, security policy must focus on employing the scientific method to determine how climate change, the collapse of biodiversity, and the destruction of oceans and rivers pose a deadly long-threat and how those trends can be reversed over the long term. The effort must stop the destruction of farmland, the spread of dangerous GMOs, the implementation of geoengineering projects, the release of dangerous chemicals in the air, soil and water, and other schemes to destroy the environment.

In violation of George Washington’s warning of the dangers of “entangling our peace and prosperity,” we have rushed headlong into numerous secret treaties, casually termed as “intelligence sharing” and “security cooperation,” that are leading us towards a catastrophe like 1914.

9)  Neither the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party are described in the Constitution and neither has authority in the formulation of policy    

Politics in the United States has degenerated into a gilded bribery machine wherein lobbyists convey the demands of the rich and powerful, and the banks and corporations that they control, to government officials and then that wish list is rendered as law in violation of the Constitution and the will of the people.  
Governance is dead.

All debate surrounding the formulation and implementation of policy must be handled in a transparent manner within the government offices as defined by the Constitution. It is illegal and unconstitutional to formulate policy in consulting firms, lobbying firms, or multinational corporations.

Central to the current fraud are two criminal syndicates, connected at the waist, known as the Democratic Party and Republican Party.

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are not described in the Constitution and they have no authority to make policy, or to play any role in its implementation.

These “parties” no longer represent the people in any sense. Rather they serve to mask and to paper over the criminal influence of billionaires on our government and to promote the fairy tale that a democratic process is at play.  

10)  Trade must be ecological and truly free  

Trade can be a valuable opportunity for economic exchange between communities around the world. Trade as it is practiced today, however, is entirely controlled by multinational corporations and it is employed to undermine the economic well-being of our citizens while damaging our ecosystem.

Massive container ships, controlled by investment banks, spew out horrid smoke as they carry goods across oceans for the profit of the few, not for the benefit of those who make the goods, nor for the benefit of those forced to consume them.

It is not a positive for the citizens of the Earth, and is certainly is not “internationalization,” for global finance to be allowed to destroy local industries and farms through dishonest trade policy aimed at making citizens dependent on imported goods, rather than products produced in their neighborhood.  

We must, together, completely rethink trade and create a 100% fossil-fuel free ecological trade system that is accessible to everyone, that does not undermine local economies, and that meets the needs of citizens, not corporations.

 11) We will not recognize any election that is not fair  

The current election system is so corrupt as to be meaningless. Qualified candidates are blocked from the start in a blatantly unconstitutional system run by the so-called “political parties” beholden to the rich and powerful.The media, slave to multinational corporations, purposely denies citizens access to critical information about policy making it impossible to evaluate the candidates and their policies. Fake personalities take the place of policy and facts in the “analysis” offered to the citizen.  

Votes are counted by computer systems designed to be hacked. Impoverished neighborhoods are assigned so few voting machines that tired mothers and fathers must wait for hours in line as the dusk descends.  

We will not recognize any election for president, or for any other office, until the nation holds internationally-supervised transparent elections in which every citizen is guaranteed the right to vote in a manner that can be scientifically verified, and in which every qualified candidate can present his or her policies directly to the people.  

The entire election process must transparent and commercial advertising for candidates be banned.  

It would be better to set up a provisional government that follows the constitution and runs legitimate elections than to allow this fraud to continue. 

12)  Establish an economy of the people, by the people, and for the people

The citizens of the United States must take back control of the economy from the dictatorial control of a handful of wealthy American, and foreign, families. Most of their wealth was created through subterfuge, bribery, and monopoly practices, and even the criminal printing up of money to pay off private banks—and not by any contribution by them to the economy. We will establish true economic equality in the United States and will strictly regulate finance so as to make a democratic economy possible.  

We will empower thousands of professional auditors at the Internal Revenue Service, and other government bureaus, who, supported by a reformed FBI, will go forward to fearlessly conduct complete audits of all branches of government, including the Department of Defense, to uncover, and release to the public, the full extent to which the Federal government has been taken over by multinational corporations and the super-rich.

We will conduct a full financial audit of the Congress, and of all its members so as to make clear the deep corruption bred of the unconstitutional system of lobbying and consulting. Similar efforts will be undertaken to expose corruption in the executive branch, and in the judiciary.  

Once the government is dedicated once again to the concerns of our citizens, we will undertake similar audits of corporations, and of the super-rich, to ascertain their true assets, the true source of that wealth. We will confiscate their assets if derived from criminal operations like operation COVID 19 or from other immortal and criminal actions.

Once the assets of the criminal elite have been confiscated, and they no longer have the money to bribe, or buy out journalists, politicians, educators, or opinion leaders, we will be able to create an environment in which ethical and scientific planning for the future of the United States economy can be undertaken and all citizens will have access to finance and will be free to run their own local economies.  

13)  Bring the US military home and upgrade the United Nations  

The United States must bring home the vast majority of the troops it has deployed around the world and return to a peace time economy for the first time since the 1940s.

Tragically for America and for the world, most of America’s overseas troops are employed by the multinational corporations that have seized control of the federal government for mercenary enterprises that serve their interests, and not for the security of the nation.

We must be ready to fight, and to die, for true international security, but we must do so following the strictest sense of national security and we must uphold the original charter of the United Nations.

We have enemies at home and abroad who would make us slaves, who would destroy our food, and who would force us to take dangerous medications.

 The United Nations must be the primary space wherein we plan the future for our fragile planet. We must use that platform to address global issues, with peace and cooperation as our priority, before resorting to military action.

 However, before we can do so, the United Nations must undergo a complete reform so that it represents the people of the Earth in a transparent and democratic manner and no longer takes money from the rich, the banks, and from multinational corporations for any of its efforts. It must be transformed into an international organization that is democratic in nature and not a globalist tool of the powerful to justify their predations.

14)  Support true education and investigative journalism  

We cannot have transparent governance or sincere politics unless citizens have access to the educations necessary to help them to think for themselves, to investigate the world around them in a scientific manner, and to consider their ethical responsibilities to society. Education never ends and it depends on access to diverse, relevant and ethical information about the natural and human world provided by a vibrant and independent ecosystem of investigative journalism dedicated to the truth.

We must give all of our citizens the opportunity to learn history and literature, philosophy and science, from a young age, thus supplying them with the means to comprehend the complex issues of our age. Everyone will be entitled to a quality education because we expect everyone to be an active citizen in accord with the demands of our Constitution.

Funding for education must be available for all citizens, and never tied to local real estate taxes. Teachers must be at least as well rewarded for their contribution as the other parasitic professions that dominated our economy today.

Families must be given the free time at work that allows them to participate fully in the education process at home, and at school. The costs of the time spent with children is tiny price to pay for raising an informed and independent future citizenship.

Most importantly, youth should be encouraged to make full use of the infinite potential to be found in the imagination. Music, art, movies and other forms of entertainment will no longer be the monopoly of multinational corporations but will be created directly at the local level by citizens, thus making study of the humanities again a sought-after career.

We must free youth from the banal and manipulative consumer culture fed to them against their will by corporations, a culture that directs them towards short-term pleasures and robs them of the ability to contribute to their society.

The government, independent of banks and corporations, will support activities that give citizens the confidence to express themselves, and to articulate a vision for our future.  

Sadly, journalism has degenerated into a disgraceful sludge that fills newspapers, TV broadcasts and internet postings with grotesque images and meretricious phrases, debased content that appeals to our worst angels.  

Journalism must inform our citizens about real issues, not promote sensationalist happenings; and it should teach citizens how to think critically about the forces behind the economic and cultural realities they observe. The government must support an independent media at the local and national level that is dedicated to the pursuit of truth and that encourages citizens to think for themselves.  

15)  Moral decadence lies at the core of the current political crisis  

The current crisis is, above all, a spiritual one. While we slept, our nation drifted into decadence and narcissism. We mistook the surface appearances of prosperity for the depths of human wisdom.

Modesty, frugality, and integrity have vanished from our vocabularies. The invisible inner world of values and character that should stand at the center of the moral reasoning of citizens has been replaced by a shallow culture of the spectacle which has transformed the citizen into a passive consumer of the filth produced by media companies.

Until we control our own actions, and then can form communities that demand righteousness of their members, until we can trust our neighbors, can talk frankly with our children about the truth, and can uphold common values, not shared fictions, we will be incapable of standing up to the dark powers that have seized control of our country.

16) The creation of money, and the determination of its value, must be undertaken with the authorization of the Congress and be handled in a transparent and democratic manner  

The creation of money, and the definition of its value, is assigned to the Congress of the United States by the Constitution and monetary policy be conducted in a transparent, scientific, and democratic manner.   
Private banks, corporations, and wealthy individuals have no authority to interfere in the process by which the amount of currency is determined, or its value assigned.  
Sadly, the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act of 1913 established a monetary system controlled by private banks which resulted in a radical concentration of wealth over the last century, and especially the last decade. The control of money by the few has destroyed the government and democratic process.  
Today, swarms of mythical creatures like derivatives are cooked up by financial institutions and treated nationally, and internationally, as the equivalent of money.  
When these international financial institutions create money out of thin air, they thereby dilute the value of the money belonging citizens through the resulting inflation. That is to say that they are engaged in thievery, not “investment.” And yet the newspapers that they control tell us that inflation is the equivalent of rain or snow—an inevitable natural phenomenon.  
The wealthy hoard money tax-free in offshore accounts, accumulate vast amounts of real estate, create bogus foundations, funds, and NGOs that hide their fortunes and that influence government policy.  
The wealthy use their illegal control of money to promote wars, build useless, or fraudulent infrastructure, buy stocks and bonds, and engage in other illegal practices that increase their wealth at the expense of the citizen.   
We will establish immediately a national bank accountable in a transparent manner to the Congress, and to the citizens, one which will determine the worth of money with respect to actual value, and will render all fake money used by these multinational banks as void, including their digital currencies and other ephemera used by global finance to buy the real objects in our nation like farmland and water, and to purchase influence over our government officials.  
Moreover, the illegal manner in which money and finance has been taken over by the few will be fully investigated and the crimes made public—including the declassification of all actions undertaken by the Department of the Treasury and other monetary institutions—especially the massive transfer of money to private banks in 2020.  
The illegal actions taken by private bankers and their shareholders are sufficient to warrant public disclosure of ownership and to pursue the confiscation of assets of those responsible for criminal actions.  
Money will be created in accordance with its constitutional purpose, tied to real assets, and distributed in an equitable manner to the various states and local governments to provide for the economic necessities of the people.

17)  Halt the anti-intellectual campaign to dumb us down  

Our citizens are subject to unending campaigns by corporations in advertising, entertainment, social media, news and education that are meant to induce anti-intellectual sentiments, to inhibit the ability to focus, and to promote vague and impressionistic thinking that undermines civil society, destroys families, and renders us passive before the forces of techno-fascism.

 This shift in our culture is not natural, but rather induced by hidden forces in the corporate world who strive to render citizens docile, indulgent, and narcissistic. We must raise the level of intellectual engagement in every corner of our country, encourage people to think for themselves, and inspire them to propose solutions for problems as citizens of their own volition.

We must encourage citizens to be citizens, to read, write and argue with friends and family about the critical issues of our age in a democratic process.  

Entertainment that glorifies waste and the idle lives of the rich is a criminal action against our citizens. The advertising and PR industry must be subject to the strictest regulations so that our citizens are no longer brainwashed or have false value systems implanted in their minds.

18)  Revive the Iroquois principle of seven generations;  End the cult of growth and consumption

Although the constitution of the Iroquois Nation “The Great Law” of 1722, had a profound influence on the United States Constitution, the focus on sustainability was tragically overlooked after the founding of our country.

The traditions of the Iroquois, and of other native nations, who valued the water, the soil, the wildlands and the ocean and who demanded that humanity live in harmony with nature must never be forgotten.  
Among the cultural roots of the United States, the “seventh generation” principle is primary and must be made central to our economy.  

The “seventh generation” principle of the Iroquois Nation, and the native tradition, demands that we consider how our decisions today will influence the lives of our descendants seven generations in the future in all policy decisions.  

This principle is scientific and rational, and it stands in marked contrast to the irrational and false assumption that the oceans, forests and grasslands are commodities that belong to individuals or corporations, and that can be destroyed for personal profit.  

The “seventh generation” must serve as the basis for the complete revaluation of our economic and cultural assumptions about economic priorities. We must stop the use of deceptive metrics like “growth” and “consumption” to assess the well-being of the nation. We must consider together the health of all our citizens, the weal of the environment, and the prosperity of wild animals and plants in our decisions.  

19)  Farming for the people and for a healthy and fair economy

The depletion of our soil, the poisoning of our water, and the destruction of the ecosystem will result in an exponential rise in the cost of food over the next decade—that process is made only worse by the efforts of multinational corporations to destroy the food supply and monopolize seeds, fertilizer, and water.

Because farming will be the most critical activity for survival, we must leave behind the bankrupt system of industrial farming that spews deadly fertilizers and pesticides everywhere, that introduced harmful GMO plants and that forces us to pay for foodstuffs we could produce ourselves.

We must return to farming by the people and for the people. The land must be distributed to large numbers of citizens to be used as family farms as the foundations of a self-sufficient democratic society.

The soil and the water granted to us by our mother the Earth has never been, and never will be, the property of corporations. It must be broken up and returned to the people so that we can produce food for ourselves and our neighborhoods through food production and distribution that is independent from multinational corporations.

Family farms offer the greatest future opportunity for meaningful employment.

We will not allow the few to destroy our soil and water so as to make fortunes from agricultural exports. Organic sustainable farming aimed at supporting humanity is the only true source for food.  

20)  Eliminate nuclear weapons by any means necessary

Humanity faces an unprecedented risk of nuclear war, one made even more dire by the promotion of “usable” mini-nuclear devices and the mad rush for war in Ukraine, in Taiwan, and around the world.

It is a sad travesty that the Unites States is spending the trillions of dollars needed to educate our children and create independent and sustainable communities, to upgrade a nuclear force that must be eliminated in accord with the Non-proliferation Treaty.  

We commit ourselves to the elimination of these dangerous weapons from the Earth for the sake of our children.

We will forcibly confiscate, and destroy, all nuclear weapons, starting with those in the United States, and then those in all the other nations. The Strategic Command, and the entire military, will be made accountable parts of the federal government following the Constitution in this process.

We will work with committed groups of citizens at home and abroad, inside government and outside, to make sure that the development of nuclear weapons is stopped permanently and that none are left behind.  






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  1. Dennis L Boyer

    I find much to agree with here, but, as with so many things in policy and politics, have my own take on nuance and details. I would like to be able to follow the development of Green Liberty and jump in where I have the clarity to do so and yet keep my powder dry where I find myself in disagreement or just plain uncertain. Does that sort of arrangement work?

  2. Yes, Dennis; you are welcome. We in Green Liberty are not homogeneous in thought but quite diverse. We just have to be tolerant, open minded but accept that there is such a thing as a state crime and that it is right to oppose such events.

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