Kim Iversen interviews Jill Stein, Green candidate for US President
Kim Iversen interviews Jill Stein

Dear Dr. Stein:

I am certain the Green Party could grow its ranks if green candidates demanded accountability for what happened under the Covid program. As I have indicated, children are being given the Covid vaccines.

Being pro-worker means protecting children from toxins so they can grow up and be strong and healthy. Greens can grow our ranks around a multi-pronged campaign that would include a Ban the Covid mRNA Vaccines; followed with a demand to protect children from toxins; and a demand to put regulations back in the regulatory agencies; make corporations pay for their pollution: require reparations to cover health care costs to mitigate and ameliorate the effects of the toxins on our natural ecosystems and human health.

However, demanding a moratorium on covid vaccines pending a full investigation into the veracity of the safe and effective claim, would get you a lot of press and show courage.

This open letter is an invitation to others to lobby Jill to support the call for a Covid moratorium, demand investigations, and broadly, defend children from toxins.

Jill, retract the pro-vaccine statement and demand a reformed health care system.

For the record, your campaign manager, Jason Call, on your behalf, stated at the Pacific Green Party of Oregon February 24th / 25th convention, that the Stein campaign “supports vaccines.”

Call volunteered this in his opening remark presumably to push back against the Green Liberty resolution for a Covid vaccine moratorium.

This open letter is a big ask that you retract your “we are for vaccines…” position and actually condemn the Covid vaccines and call out the Federal Covid response for its malfeasance.

As the chief proponent of Green Liberty, a voice for accountability of state crimes and other malfeasance from state agencies or corporations, I say with a high degree of certainty, four years after the introduction of the SARS Cov2 into human society, that the Covid vaccines are not safe, nor are they effective, and in fact pose long term health consequences.

There is no debating this point; it is categorically true the Covid mRNA vaccines are not safe nor effective, unless you can show compelling evidence to the contrary

So, Greens are obliged, or at least should feel impelled to denounce the covid program as a fraud.

The American public is awakening to the big lies that were told about the SARS Cov2 and the nature of Covid infections, and the risks associated with the vaccines.

The Covid vaccines have generated a lot of adverse events, and they have been the source of an uptick in a variety of disabilities and ailments ranging from blood clots, to heart injuries, to blood disorders, autoimmune challenges, organ failure, and what are called ‘turbo cancers’ among other afflictions vaguely called ‘long covid”.

If you champion the truth about the Covid program, and demand a study of the adverse events, many people will notice you and want to vote for you.

Dr. Stein, you mustn’t let peer pressure from the establishmentarians in our party keep you from doing the right thing. Being “for vaccines” is irresponsible and very ungreen. Saying you are ‘for vaccines” as a blanket affirmation without any qualification makes you sound like a shill for the Big Pharma medical industrial complex. Your position on “vaccines” is like Robert F. Kennedy’s position on Israel, just establishment talking points.

The vast majority of Americans are not taking Covid vaccine boosters and understand that at some level they have been lied to about taking them in the first place. Standing on the Green Party Consumer Safety Plank, and the precautionary principle, and pillar of eco-wisdom, and non-violence, you could champion accountability for the covid program and demand a new medical system that is based on integrative medicine, and holistic evaluation for metabolic well being, and medicine free from Big Pharma controls. Kennedy is running on confronting chronic disease, so you might consider a couple of planks from his playbook to be competitive on this front.

The key reasons to condemn the Covid program include:

THAT IT is categorically false to say the Covid mRNA vaccines are “safe and effective,” which has been the mantra of the establishment. Please do not subscribe to the relativistic, radical utilitarian position that no medicine is ever totally safe and effective, and that harm or death to a few is acceptable so long as the majority may be safe, or benefit. This is flawed reasoning and not becoming to the leader of the Green Party. While it is true that Aspirin can cause harm to some, it is legal to use because dangers are known and people look out and it is not mandated. However, with the Covid countermeasures, they have not been fully vetted for safety and efficacy, and so the utilitarian argument is meaningless since there has not been an honest cost benefit analysis that considers all the risks next to benefits. So, condemn the covid vaccines on grounds they are not safe and effective and in particular, condemn the inclusion of the covid vaccines in the childhood vaccine schedule as a wicked thing to do, and demand the CDC / FDA be held accountable for advancing bad medicine.


Dr. Fauci is fully implicated in multiple lies. He orchestrated the production of science papers in February 2020 to establish that any questions about a lab origin is conspiracy theory. This introduced a zoonosis theory, or spillover event from the wet market. Fauci knew he was covering up the lab origin. Fauci represented to the FDA that there was no treatment option for a covid infection other than Remdesivir applied in the hospital and mono-clonal antibodies. He told this lie to set the stage for an emergency use authorization to ‘warp speed’ the covid countermeasures and bring them to market. Finally, Fauci knew that the Pfizer “safety testing” was flawed, and that the “vaccines” were causing injuries at a level that normally would have pulled the vaccines as too dangerous. But this was covered up.

Protect future workers of America.

You, Dr. Stein, are leading as a “pro-worker” candidate yet you do not condemn and completely denounce the mandate by the Federal authorities for workers to take the experimental vaccine. Many who took the Covid jab did so to keep their jobs; and now some are suffering post vaccine injuries, and some have died. You stated on the Kim Iversen show that you don’t agree with mandates, in which case you should condemn the Federal mandate and demand full reinstatement to employment for those who quit their job rather than comply. And demand reparations for those injured.

Though many in the Green Party “believe” the Federal Covid Program (lockdowns and masking), especially the vaccines, have been a good thing for society, they believe this because they believe in the idea of vaccines; they are confident in the technology, and accept a false narrative that the Covid disease was highly dangerous and that only the vaccine could protect from Covid infections.

Don’t let cognitive dissonance silence you. Greens must object to the Federal Covid program on moral and legal grounds.

America needs leadership on the issue of good medical practice and good health policy. The Federal Covid Program is bad medicine and horrible public health policy. If you, as a physician, led on this truth, and demanded reparations and treatment for those injured by the vaccines, and argue noble reforms of the medical system, you will get people to join you in your quest for the presidency and the Green Party could grow its ranks.

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