Open Letter to the Governor Calling for End of Covid Vaccines

Green Liberty Caucus Sends Open Letter to the Governor, Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Labor and Industry and the Department of Education

Emergency Notice!

Governor Brown
Office of the Governor
900 Court Street, Suite 254Salem, OR 97301-4047

Bureau of Labor and Industry
3865 Wolverine St NE, Bldg E-1
Salem, OR 97305

Oregon Health Policy Board
500 Summer Street NE
Salem, OR 97301

Oregon Department of Education
Director Colt Gill
255 Capitol Street NE
Salem, OR 97310

Emergency Issue: regarding right to work and not be discriminated against; right to be safe from dangerous medicine; need to protect children from harm; freedom to refuse Covid vaccines.

We assert: Requiring the Covid vaccine is a violation of an individual’s civil right to work, the right to be secure in one’s person and have privacy, and not be forced to accept dangerous medicine. The reason for administering Covid vaccines is not supported by the science and amounts to medical malfeasance.

To Whom it may concern,

We in the Green Liberty Caucus, Oregon Chapter of the Pacific Green Party, make the following statement as a petition of grievance, and request action to stop an egregious violation of the civil rights of all Oregonians to not be discriminated against, nor should children be required to take vaccines demonstrated inconsequential and unsafe to their health and that of the community.

We are aware that employers in Oregon require Covid vaccination for employment. We are also aware that the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that the experimental Covid vaccines be added to the annual vaccine course for children. We challenge these requirements as scientifically and legally indefensible.

We oppose any Covid mandates since a preponderance of evidence shows the vaccines are neither safe nor effective contrary to claims by the CDC and the  Food and Drug Administration.

Regarding employment and school attendance, prospective employees and students may avoid the vaccine if they have a religious exemption. However, it should be presumed that if someone has chosen not to take the vaccine for any reason their Nuremberg Code for right to informed consent and right of refusal, must be respected. It isn’t in the purview of an employer or school or health authority to second guess a belief or reason for refusing the vaccine.

Declining the vaccine is a protected issue of conscience and/or informed judgment and a private matter not to be violated by a state mandate to vaccinate.

Forcing Covid vaccine upon a child constitutes assault and battery and criminal child abuse since evidence shows (1) vaccines are neither safe nor effective, and (2) that the child doesn’t need a vaccine for SARS Cov2 since children are at essentially zero risk of severe Covid infection absent life-threatening co-morbidities such as cancer, cystic fibrosis or Type 1 diabetes.

The Covid vaccine should not have received emergency use authorizations because there are effective treatments for Covid infections that preclude justifiable necessity for vaccines. Early treatment protocols were suppressed in order to claim that there were no effective treatments; only through this deception did the vaccine received EUA approval, which is thereby de-legitimized.

The false representation that there was no other way to protect against Covid, is prima facie evidence of a fraud and a crime against the American people by Big Pharma acting in concert with Federal agencies. The leaked emails of officials debating how to contain speculation and evidence about a laboratory origin for the SARS Cov2, show a conspiracy to conceal the truth about the virus from the public.

According to legal liability and personal injury attorneys, the CDC decision to include the experimental Covid vaccines in the children’s vaccine protocols intends to protect Big Pharma from legal liability. We oppose this and support the numerous lawsuits now in process to establish liability for death and damage resulting from these inadequately evaluated and improperly marketed injections, citing the recent New York Supreme Court invalidation of vaccine mandates in New York and the 2021 U.S. Supreme Court decision invalidating the Biden administration mandate for employee vaccination by companies with 100+ employees.

The Covid vaccine results reported in the CDC’s own VAERS system have recorded alarming rates of fatal and other adverse outcomes. Moreover, new infections are more prevalent in the vaccinated than the non-vaccinated. Thus, any claim that vaccines are ‘safe and effective’ is not supported by a preponderance of the evidence. The falsification of safety claims is clearly fraudulent, but the government failure to protect our civil right to be protected from dangerous products by the Food and Drug Administration is equally egregious. Insisting kids take the Covid vaccines is an unconscionable violation of the duty to protect children from abuse and harmful substances.

We ask that the Oregon governor immediately announce a prohibition on the covid vaccine requirement from employers for employment and from school administration for enrollment. But we must go further. Based on the overwhelming weight of evidence, Oregon must stop recommending the use of the failed Covid vaccines, and should prohibit Covid vaccine mandates or approved use recommendations entirely.

End the experimental and unnecessary Covid vaccines and treat the disease through the variety of established drugs and nutritional supplements that have been determined safe and highly effective in extensive peer-reviewed scientific literature as well as professional clinical practice worldwide.

Below we provide citations of articles that discuss the evidence.

We request that our grievance be forwarded to legal counsel for grand jury review to consider that mandates violate civil rights, and review the faulty claims of the manufacturers that the vaccines are safe and effective.

We remind public servants of the oath to ‘protect the general welfare,’ and appeal to the original purpose of government: look out for the people. this link indexes articles about Covid vaccine injuries. article reviews Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System data over a year’s time plus a couple months. Shows Covid vaccines not safe and effective. Article makes appeal to defend the kids and resist the CDC policy to make kids take the Covid vaccine. Calls for contact with School Superintendant and appeal to local boards Kirsch explains what happened at the CDC and why they made the decision.
Steve Kirsch has an open bet to anyone who can show the Covid ‘vaccines’ are safe and effective, he will give a million dollars. But proof of safe and effective is demonstrated by basic scientific measurements and scientific medical practice and record keeping of injuries. Green Liberty defers to the judgement of Steve Kirsch to argue that Covid vaccines are not safe and effective and should be stopped. The evidence is clear. Covid Vaccines are a fraud. shows danger of vaccines to airline industry; labor rights issue violated by Federal government / executive branch mandate to vaccinate. Article discusses the problem of iatrogenic injuries associated with the practice of medicine and latter part of essay outlines examples of injuries from Covid vaccines. Cites Ivan Illych, philosopher. reports on CDC authorization of Covid for kids.
This report from The Defender reviews California legislation that makes it illegal for a doctor to give informed consent about Covid vaccines, and limitation on free speech violates the constitution and a doctors Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. This legislation may be attempted in Oregon and should be opposed as it violates a doctor’s speech right and duty to give informed consent. article examines claim that Pfizer and CDC ignored danger sign of heart injury revealed by February 2021. Article explains that all age groups are at risk of heart injury from Covid vaccines. counsels to test for troponin levels and d-Dimer test for platelets; discusses anamolous death while sleeping among young people. Dr. Pierre Kory is an expert on treating Covid infections and can testify to the efficacy of repurposed drugs for Covid infections.

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