Green Liberty in solidarity with Municipalist Moment; supports training opportunities to advance the cause.

Municipalism Learning Series introduces democratic municipalist framework for transforming society

The Municipalism Cohort Fellowship is a 12-week online program, beginning on September 16th 2023 and ending December 2nd, that presents radical municipalist theory and practice to grassroots organizers trying to reclaim the right to their cities and self-organize as rebel cities.

Twenty participants will be selected (including small groups in the same location or organization) for the inaugural cohort of the fellowship program. We encourage participants who are already active in movement building — such as mutual aid projects, cooperatives and solidarity economy initiatives, neighborhood and tenant organizing, and reimagining public institutions — to apply.

Municipalism is the belief that grass roots democracy is most fully expressed and engaged at the level of the city. Murray Bookchin coined the phrase libertarian municpalism to characterize a liberatory model that would empower cities to self-determine and unite cities in a confederation, as an alternative to classic state structures. Check out this link to Green Liberty resource on this topic:

On a practical note, Green Liberty is in solidarity with the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Power To The People Campaign to municipalize the energy utilities. Municipalizing utilities is an example of what a municipality can do to liberate from corporations.

Check out this link to read article about using municipal authority to create an energy commons:

A post in the Big Think asks: “What are municipal utilities and why are they suddenly popular? Can changing who delivers your electricity to you solve a slew of problems?”

“Recently, several movements have been launched in some of the most populated areas of the country to change our electric system in a way that proponents claim would make it safer, greener, more effective, and provide more public benefits than it is now. They argue that all it would take is a change of ownership.” Green Liberty in solidarity!

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