Green Liberty celebrates Michelle Stiles for Reverse Engineering American Propaganda

Stiles advances vision for unity movement based on unpacking propaganda and big lies.

Michelle Stiles at Liberty Alliance Network
Michelle Stiles unpacks propaganda

Wow! Michelle Stiles is a deep truther. She has written a book on propaganda and how the American people are brainwashed through techniques dating from the pre-World War 1 era, early 1900’s.

Her book, “One Idea to Rule Them All: Reverse Engineering American Propaganda,” includes a study guide to facilitate engaging in study group, or running a class room lesson plan.

We have the famous line that says to the effect that those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it. Well, there is a history of propaganda and we the people, the sheeple, are pretty much ignorant of this; or, a key mass of Americans are ignorant, but there is a significant number that see through the propaganda and demand truth with the goal of getting accountability for the big lies: JFK, other 60’s assassinations; 9/11, anthrax attack; forever wars; the Covid; and now the Gaza annihilation. All of this an act of the plutocracy that controls and directs the military industrial complex.

A big lie was told about the money supply. Propaganda techniques widely used today were invented 100 years ago. The master class has had a lot of practice using propaganda.

Stiles, in her interview at the Liberty Alliance Network, stresses the importance of knowing history and gives the example of how the American public was duped into accepting the idea of the Federal Reserve Bank, versus creating a money supply created by Congress that would be controlled by Congress.

Stiles explained how the plutocracy / power elite engaged in a concerted program of propaganda to create the conditions that would prepare the American consciousness to embrace the virtues of a Federal Reserve. It became the template for public relations and manipulating the public mind.

The truth movement is aligned with the freedom movement on account the truth is the fulcrum point at which we the people lever for accountability and get the changes we need to be free from plutocratic domination.

In this interview with Dr. Mercola, Stiles lays out her vision at the end for building a cadre of political truthers that will call out the big lies.

The interview provides her vision for how we the people can move ourselves into awareness of the propaganda and build the freedom movement.

As a point of action, Stiles presents an idea she got from what the propagandists did to get the USA into world War I.

She explains: in the build up to WW I, a marketing expert enlisted the leadership of 10,000 prominent individuals in communities all around the country to stand up during the intermission of film at the movie theater and give words of support for the war effort. It was a tactic that is powerful for it appropriated the confidence the community had in the leader to direct that confidence into going into War against the Axis nations.

Stiles proposes that the truth movement build out a 10,000 leader program that would support citizens to stand in their communities and speak the political truth and act in the interest of the nation to be free from plutocratic domination, and the emerging techno-totalitarianism.

Green Liberty is in solidarity with the objectives of Michelle Stiles for a truth leadership. She lays out in Smart Sheepe a project for community and action. Check out her 10,000 truther campaign at the website.

Here is the link to the Rumble platform for the Liberty Alliance Network video interview: Unite and Fight, what can we do podcast

This is text from the Liberty Alliance Network: fyi:

LAN posts: Michelle Stiles might be an unlikely figure to write a thorough treatise on propaganda, having a background in exercise science and biology. But her skeptical nature and curious mind led her to research this topic and take us down the long, winding road of propaganda, starting from WWI up until our modern day vast, omnipresent network.
“One Idea To Rule Them All” is an exceedingly well-researched book. She pulls out the central figures and ideas in creating the propaganda machine and lays it bare in an easy to understand manner for the lay person.
We discuss some of the important concepts covered in her book like “idea bullying”, Operation Spider’s Web, and the Infrastructure of Belief. There has never been a greater need to understand how we’re being propagandized than right now. Using Covid as one example, Michelle walks us through how the propaganda machine works.
“It’s impossible to defend against a threat you don’t understand.”

Here is Mercola audio podcast:

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