Marc Crispin Miller Unpacks Propaganda Program that Advanced Covid Response.

Watch this important interview from a well spoken dissident.

Greg Hunter / Marc Crispin Miller interview
Marc Crispin Miller explains propaganda

Watch this important interview between Greg Hunter at USA Watchdog and Marc Crispin Miller. Click here to get rumble link

Marc Crispin Miller is eloquent and uses his savvy about propaganda to unpack what is happening, and what has happened.

Most disturbing is Miller’s suggestion that the impetus to advance the Federal Covid Program is population control.

No doubt, the SARS Cov2 is not natural, and the Federal response has been staged from the Department of Defense with the Health and Human Resources acting as the lead for a fraudulent public health emergency.

Concluding reflections from the interview raise issues of accountability and the growing awareness that we the people have been tricked by the power elite to take vaccines that are not safe nor effective, but actually kill.

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