Green Liberty demands End to Covid mRNA countermeasures: Launches Protest Project

We demand cease and desist for mRNA technology.

Proposal for locals to engage in protest and make demands.

This project involves activist groups making direct appeals to county district attorney with evidence to support probable cause for fraud in the Covid business; evidence shows mRNA technology involving spike protein is not safe nor effective and claims otherwise are false. Deploying mRNA Covid vaccines on the American and world populations through fraudulent claims of “safe and effective” qualifies as domestic violence under 4th amendment Guarantee Clause, in the opinion of Green Liberty sensibility.

Green Liberty encourages, implores, that an ad hoc activist group form in every state to advance an appeal to a county district attorney for a halt to the Covid countermeasure technology.

Green Liberty Bloc finds that Covid vaccines, mRNA experimental technology, is a Department of Defense “countermeasure” to the SARS Cov2 engineered virus and this “vaccine” technology is not safe and effective as represented by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Food and Drug Administration.

Furthermore, our state medical health authority (Oregon Health Authority) has abdicated its responsibility to oversight of the practice of medicine in the state by not doing its due diligence relative to policing for the safety and efficacy of Covid vaccines, nor did OHA support early treatment protocols involving Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and other compounds to staunch an infection.

Both Federal and State agencies are subject to “regulatory capture” by non-state entities that are not acting in the public interest. We know this is the case because doctors and pharmacies are offering the Covid vaccines to infants which is an unconscionable act of greed and irresponsibility by Big Pharma; we know the “safe and effective” is false, yet the authorities ignore the data and promote the vaccine. The Federal Covid Response is based on fraud and therefore criminal; this conclusion is based on a reasonable reading of the facts of the Federal Covid Program.

As an exercise in resisting tyranny, Green Liberty is advancing a campaign of protest with demands for justice with the removal of the Covid mRNA technology as a treatment for a SARS Cov2 infection. We include in our demand reparations by Big Pharma and others for harm done. We hope for the arrest of public officials who have violated the oath to protect the general welfare of the nation.

What are the facts about SARS Cov2 and the Covid mRNA technology?

It is beyond a doubt clear and certain that the Covid countermeasure technology is not safe nor effective relative to controlling the SARS Cov2 virus. This is categorically a true statement and beyond the scope of this memo to show proofs; see this other document for the evidence, but some key details including the following:

Reports from Japan and Italy show beyond a doubt clear causation of fatal reactions to the Pfizer, Moderna, and other Covid vaccines.

The all cause mortality spike coincides with the introduction of the Covid countermeasure.

There has been a disinformation from the United States government and the corporate media giants to cover up the Covid crime. A propaganda campaign by the power elite has conditioned the population into accepting a false narrative. The state health authorities are duty bound to do the right thing, and this project tells them what to do.

We defer to the science and findings of experts to establish the truth and veracity of our claim that the Covid countermeasures are not safe nor effective and should be immediately pulled from the market.

Proposed order of events to organize a protest and appeal:

  • Form a state wide (or maybe based out of a single city, county, metro region) Stop Covid Vaccine campaign, ( try to form a cohesive working group). (Issue press release about this)
  • Get signatories of support for the campaign to end the Covid vaccines which will be included in communications to the state health authority and eventually the state attorney general;
  • Send by certified letter to the state health authority a demand for the Covid vaccines be halted, stopped, ended because they are not safe and effective. The demand letter will be supported with citations of the dangers and risks, and should include citations for reports that show how Lancet, and FDA have told lies about safety and efficacy of vaccines. Include language that puts the health authority on notice that they will be considered derelict of duty to protect public health if they do not end the deployment of the covid countermeasures in the state. Indicate on the memo that the state attorney general is being copied on demand to halt covid countermeasures. (Issue press release about this)
  • On the day or so after receipt is received for certified mail, protest outside the state health authority and demand the state authorities comply with demand countermeasures be pulled from the market. Alert the media to this protest action. Get media attention, and promote Green Liberty demand for end of the practice of bad medicine. At this point, it is reasonable for protesters to expand the scope of demands from just halt covid countermeasures to a protect children from over dosing of vaccines, demand repeal of 1986 vaccine indemnification law, and assert the need to build out natural / holistic health system that liberates from Big Pharma / Medical insurance complex.
  • After the protest, take the demand to the state attorney general and ask the state top cop to enjoin the state health authority, and issue a cease and desist order on the use of Covid mRNA technology. (May approach a county sheriff for action)
  • The ad hoc group should advance legislation to the state legislature for a law that makes illegal the use of Covid mRNA technology; and consider a ballot initiative is state law allows.
  • The ad hoc group should then take appeal to a county attorney general and present evidence state health authority is ignoring evidence that the Covid countermeasure technology has been harmful is a clear and present danger to public health and well being. Follow theory from Michael Diamond on demanding action based on Guarantee Clause. US constitution, article 4, section 4.

This roughly outlines steps a local activist group could take to fight the emerging techno-totalitarianism that is evident in the Covid mandates, lockdowns, denial of early treatment protocols, and other draconian measures.

Each local is free to conduct political theater, highlight key evidence they are inspired to advance. But the goal is to outlaw Covid vaccines.

To avoid recreating the wheel, Green Liberty recognizes the efforts of Dr. Fleming, the National American Renaissance Movement efforts and others to present evidence to state authorities

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