Dr. Sabine Hazan Uses gut microbiome as key health factor to ward off Covid infections.

Covid early treatment protocols suppressed, research papers advancing Covid treatment, suppressed!

Sasha Latypova interviews Dr. Sabin Hazan
Sasha Latypova interviews Dr. Sabin Hazan on protecting against Covid infections with a healthy gut biome

This is an update: check out X link for recent testimony: Vitamin C and Ivermectin play important role in metabolic strength. https://x.com/newstart_2024/status/1811494781094363264

For the record, Green Liberty is in solidarity with single payer, universal health care from publicly owned health insurance system and multi-modality treatment program that starts with holistic health founded on metabolic wellbeing.

In this very interesting interview, we are introduced to one of the foundations for natural health, gut health, or the healthy condition of a well working digestive system. Dr. Sabine Hazan lays out a fascinating story. As a front line doctor that actually treated her patients for Covid infections, she ran 3 different protocols involving hydroxy chloroquine, and Ivermectin, and witnessed what she calls a ‘crime’ , the suppression of the science that advanced treatment protocols for Covid infections.

Green Liberty supports freedom for doctors to practice medicine. Dr. Hazan was one of the few doctors to actually treat Covid infections. In her practice she homes in on fecal matter to show the importance of healthy gut biome to ward off covid infection.

Green Liberty supports integrative / holistic medicine for all and would add knowledge of micro-biome as an element to test for in natural health defense. Medicare for All should mean access to integrative health practices. Each patient is holistically treated and as a baseline measure evaluated for metabolic health as well as evaluated for a health gut biome, and environmental factors as well.

Sasha Latypova, as always, brings an incredible intelligence to a demand for truth and accountability for the Federal Covid Response and its deployment of Covid vaccine counter measures.

Follow the link to Sasha Latypova’s reflection on her interview with Dr. Hazan, find her essay and the link to the interview.

Time did not allow Sasha to discus the records of the genetic sequences of the SARS Cov2 the doctor collected from her patients in the early days of the SARS Cov2. Her scientific study of fecal matter provides a window into the various genomic mutations, or variants of SARS Cov2 her patients were encountering. She collected whole specimen of virus in her patients and has a built a database, or a catalogue of virus specimens which could make for an interesting report on the mutational rate of the virus, and the variant types showing up at the time.

Below is the link to her substack from which the snippet of her essay below comes, and in the link you will find the interview. Click and watch.


Here is a snippet from Latypova’s essay about her interview with Dr. Hazan. Were you wondering why some people did not get “covid” when taking care of sick family members, or being exposed at work? Same question applies to flu or any other so-called “infectious” disease which never affect any large percentage of the population and always self extinguish. WHY do ivermectin and vitamin protocols work for “covid”? Are microbes dangerous invisible boogeypersons? Do they or don’t they exists at all? Is there a third option? Can viruses be modified in labs and made into biological weapons? When they “leak” from a lab, why do they cross the road and go to the wet market?

Learning about Dr. Hazan’s work was an eye opening experience for me: once you start thinking in terms of microbiome, the virus-no-virus debate turns into a false binary, as it should. That’s because, as typical of these angry debates, they are not based on asking the right questions. Health as absence of illness, and presence of vitality, stability and longevity can be attributed to a vibrant, resilient microbiome which is to your body as good soil is to a well tended garden. It always starts with healthy soil, the terrain!

Microbes are essential for healthy ecosystem functioning and known for beneficial interactions with other microbes and organisms. Human body is an ecosystem too, where numerous microbes live, interact and work together. In fact, there are more microbial cells in the human body than human cells, although by weight they represent only about 1-3% of the human body.

The concept that microorganisms exist as single cells began to change as it became increasingly obvious that microbes do not run around as single stalking predators, but occur in communities within complex systems in which species interactions and communication are critical.

Studying the bacteria of the gut by techniques such as DNA sequencing allows to identify the bacteria and find the differences in healthy and diseased states, and also find which nutrients, medicines, or lifestyle interventions can restore the microbiome and make it balanced again…

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