Sasha Latypova gives full report on Covid Big Lie to Shannon Joy in must see video.

Green Liberty is in solidarity with truth leader Sasha Latypova; she reveals the Federal Covid Response is a state crime. Resist.

Shannon Joy interviews Sasha Latypova
Shannon Joy Show meets Sasha Latypova

Shannon Joy gets the full story from Sasha Latypova about the Federal Covid Program: it was an attack against the American people by the deep state plutocracy.

Making political truth front and center in the debate about what is happening in society today is the core theme of this very important discussion between two very smart people. Watch in full. There is a liberation coalition building, and Green Liberty is on board.

The purpose of the truth movement is to speak the truth about state / corporate crimes and demand justice and the freedom to restore integrity to government. By speaking the truth, as does Sasha Latypova, then we physically take up “language space” and in effect resist the false narratives that the Covid vaccines are safe and effective. Watch till the end. We exercise our free speech rights and are better for it.

Here is the link to the Kennedy / Latypova interview referenced in the video by S. Joy.

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