Latest from the Russiagate Playbook: DOJ Prosecutes UHURU 3 with Bogus Charges

By Mark Rolofson

March 10, 2024

Omali Yeshitela, chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party, who is charged by the Biden DOJ with acting as an unregistered foreign agent of the Russian Federation.

During a February 15th UN press briefing about the upcoming World Youth Festival 2024 in Sochi, Russia, Caleb Maupin expressed his concerns that the American delegation risks similar DOJ prosecution as the Uhuru 3. Caleb Maupin was chosen as chairman of the American delegation going to the World Youth Festival. Maupin is the founder of the Center for Political Innovation (CPI), an organization that calls itself communist and anti-imperialist, but not anti-American. Maupin says he is also a patriotic, Christian American who loves his country and the people in it, but not the US government. His concerns about a future DOJ prosecution stem from the fact that members of the African Socialist People’s and Uhuru Movement attended a 2015 conference in Russia and then were charged with acting as unregistered foreign agents in 2023. The Uhuru 3 had allegedly communicated with Aleksandr Viktorovich Ionov, a Russian FSB agent (according to DOJ) who invited them to the 2015 conference.

The Uhuru 3 are accused of spreading Russian propaganda that could have influenced a small election in St. Petersburg, Florida. A deeper look at the African Socialist Party, reveals that DOJ’s charges probably have little to do with Russian influence and more to do with their socialist, anti-colonial, anti-imperial platform and programs that challenge the capitalist power structure. The affluent white dominated power structure exploits cheap labor, including the expansion of prison labor from mass incarceration.

Caleb Maupin, who works for RT, has been to Russia. He has heard first hand from citizens of Donetsk about the 10 year long assault on their city by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. CPI is a new organization, but has the ability to bring people together across the political spectrum who oppose the duopoly and US imperialism.

I personally witnessed this at their December 2023 convention in Portland, Oregon. Not everyone attending was a self proclaimed communist, but damn near everyone there was anti-imperialist, pro-Palestinian and pro-worker, who advocated to Free Julian Assange, Drop charges against the Uhuru 3, disband NATO and take America back from the oligarchs who control our politicians and media. Convention attendees included Libertarians, Greens, and Larouche members, all who rubbed elbows with many diehard socialists and communists for a unifying, fun event.

What probably scares the Washington political establishment most is not marginalized third parties, but people uniting around what they have in common. What increasingly more people have in common is their bitter dissatisfaction and contempt for the two party system that is leading us into economic turmoil and World War 3.

Most Americans have never heard of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) and the Uhuru Movement. They are a minor political party founded in 1972 for continuing the struggle of black liberation and ending the systemic racism of the US justice system and police state. They have fought for ending Western colonialism forced on all African people. Their party has a rich history and platform built on human rights and liberation. Uhuru Means “Freedom” in Swahili. The Uhuru Movement is an International organization created by the African People’s Socialist Party. The organization has an education and defense fund, along with Black Star Industries whose goal is replacing the colonialist economy that fails to meet the needs of African people.

Who are Uhuru 3 and what have they done wrong other than speak out against an unjust system that oppresses the black community? The following paragraphs from the Hands Off Uhuru website best explains that.

“The Uhuru 3 are Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP); Penny Hess, Chair of the African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC); and Jesse Nevel, Chair of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM). In April 2023, the Uhuru 3 were indicted by the US Govt on bogus charges of being “agents of a foreign government” because of the Uhuru Movement’s over 50 years of work to advocate for the liberation and unification of Africa and forcibly dispersed African people everywhere.
The charges levied on the Uhuru 3 came nine months after the FBI and local police violently raided seven homes and properties of the APSP and Uhuru Movement in St. Louis, MO and St. Petersburg, FL on July 29, 2022. These charges carry prison sentences of up to 15 years each. On Sept. 28, 2023, a Motion to Dismiss the Charges against the Uhuru 3 was presented to US court in Tampa, Florida. The Uhuru 3 are still awaiting a response from the Dept. of Justice. The charges against the Uhuru 3 reveal the historical and ongoing escalation of attacks on free speech rights, freedom to organize, and freedom to struggle for liberation of African, Indigenous and all oppressed peoples of the world. Drop the Charges on the Uhuru 3!

The DOJ has refused to drop the charges. There is growing opposition to the 2023 indictment across the political spectrum, as it is an assault on free speech. Caleb Maupin and CPI have given strong support for the Uhuru 3 and loudly condemned the DOJ charges. There has been a chorus of anti-establishment media voices defending the Uhuru 3, while Progressive Democrats and Liberal mass media have been silent. There is a long list of endorsements from third parties, organizations and individuals who have signed a petition calling for an end to government harassment and persecution of the APSP and the Uhuru Movement

Tucker Carlson has spoken in defense of the Uhuru 3. Carlson is often referred to as a racist. He is despised by the Democratic Party establishment and liberal media. The Hands Off Uhuru website even features videos of Tucker Carlson speaking in defense of the First Amendments rights of the APSP and Uhuru 3. Tucker clearly states he doesn’t agree with the group on many issues, even though he does agree with what they are saying about the Ukraine War. He goes on to say it doesn’t matter if he agrees with them or if what they are saying is true, because they have every right to express the views under the First Amendment . Spreading Russian or anti-Russian propaganda is protected speech. If the First Amendment doesn’t apply to them then it applies to none of us. Tucker has spoken out repeatedly expressing outrage over the Biden Administration DOJ charges.

Tucker Carlson could potentially find himself in a similar situation as the Uhuru 3, due to his current trip to Russia and interview with President Vladimir Putin. The Washington political establishment was deeply outraged over the Putin interview, which undermined the Western media narrative on the Ukraine War. There have been calls to charge Carlson with treason, a charge that can not be applied because the US has not officially declared war against Russia. Treason is a narrowly defined statute involving a US citizen levying war against the United States and giving aid and comfort to the enemy. The enemy can’t simply be an adversarial power. As the US wages a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, the Biden Administration claims to not be at war with Russia.

While Tucker Carlson can’t be charged with treason, the charges of acting as an unregistered foreign agent could potentially be applied, should the DOJ succeed in convicting the Uhuru 3. It is unlikely the DOJ will ever charge Carlson because of his name recognition and popularity. It is much easier for the DOJ to go after marginalized third parties and organizations who lack the financial resources of a media personality like Carlson.

Pelosi Wants FBI to Investigate Free Palestine Activists for Ties to Russia

Ever since Palestinian solidarity protests sprouted in every US major city in response to Israel’s genocide in Gaza, the US Senate and House have gone into attack mode on the free speech rights of student activists on US campuses. Washington lawmakers often brag about their efforts to defend free speech, but that all disappears when it comes to the racist apartheid state of Israel.

One of the more recent attacks comes from the former House speaker Nancy Pelosi during a CNN interview with Dana Bash. One could say she was simply shooting her mouth off, but what she said could establish a dangerous precedent if her wishes came true. Pelosi stated that the “call for a cease-fire is Putin’s message.” She thinks that some of the protests in America, since October 7th, demanding an end to U.S. military support and Israel’s assault on Gaza “are connected to Russia.” Pelosi said “I think some financing should be investigated and I want to ask the FBI to investigate that.”

If the FBI were to investigate Palestinian rights activists, it would be a page out of their 1960s playbook of CointelPro. Since the end of Cointelpro in 1971, the surveillance state has become arguably more efficient thanks to the Patriot Act and NSA database. It is doubtful that the FBI and national security state will have much success shutting down the nationwide Free Palestine protest movement, even though some individuals and groups may be targeted. It may be one thing for universities to crack down on student activists on American campuses, but for the FBI to infiltrate numerous protest networks, all who demand a ceasefire and end to US supported genocide, is a tall order. This is where the power is in the hands of the people and activists must move ahead without intimidation.

Pelosi isn’t demonstrating the power of the system, but rather its weakness and desperation to hold onto power. Therefore she is using an all too familiar tactic of shouting Putin and Russia across the airwaves. If someone yells fire in crowded theatre too many times when there is no fire, it’s no longer believable.

On a more positive note, the World Youth Festival 2024 in Sochi, Russia was held during the first week of March. Young people from countries all around the world gathered to engage with each other on a wide variety of topics including sports, media, science, business, culture and international cooperation. We should hope that the world’s youth will foster a new vision of peace and prosperity and make that a reality in the future.

What we are faced to battle here in America is the increasing assault on civil liberties by government agencies. It’s easy to smear any one of us who questions the government’s propaganda. It has become all too common to label someone as a Russian asset for acknowledging that Russia has legitimate security concerns over the threat of having NATO on their doorstep in Ukraine. The Uhuru 3 are facing much more than smear attacks. They are fighting a corrupt DOJ that seeks to put them in prison and destroy a grassroots Black liberation movement. We must join the fight to defend the Uhuru 3 if we cherish our own freedoms. Uhuru!

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