Kissinger passing provides nation opportunity to reflect on state of republic

When a prominent leader like Henry Kissinger dies, our country should take stock and consider the legacy he leaves.

Henry Kissinger, recently deceased, played a significant role in advancing egregious state crimes against foreign democracies and war crimes against innocent countries. He was a protege of the Rockefeller Family and carried out the agenda of the power elite. For this he deserves to be judged.

The Green pillars for non-violence and grass roots democracy impel Greens to criticize Kissinger for his role as an unaccountable actor who advanced crimes that violate basic international law, the US constitutional duty to look out for the general welfare, and basic human rights.

Henry Kissinger’s career in the United States government started during World War II after he fled NAZI Germany and was later recruited to work in Army intelligence. In an interesting report from James Corbett, , we learn Kissinger rose to prominence by way of his relationship with the Rockefeller family, and assumed national security and department of state positions in the Nixon administration. Later he worked alongside other deep state operators like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld in the Gerald Ford administration, and Reagan administration, when Cheney and Rumsfeld ran the Iran / Contra scandal. Kissinger would be tasked to chair the 9/11 oversight investigations but questions about his client list as a private consultant led him to decline the role.

While legacy media praises Kissinger for his role in opening up China to western capitalists in 1972, for example, the Rockefeller protege is recognized as a cruel operator for his role in advancing the bombing of Cambodia which led it to collapse into civil war, creating an opening for the Khmer Rouge to stage a class war and conduct mass murder. Kissinger deserves a war crimes conviction for ruining a beautiful country.

1970 protests against the expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia prompted student demonstrations at Kent State which led National Guard troops to fire and kill four. Kissinger bears responsibility.

Soon after, Kissinger acted to secretly spearhead the CIA sponsored coup in 1973 against Socialist President Salvador Allende in Chile. This qualifies as a crime against democracy, and Kissinger lead the charge.

Meanwhile, Kissinger supported the Indonesians in the war against East Timor, a horrible atrocity that deserves special disdain in the halls of crimes against humanity.

Kissinger in his career provided “continuity of government,” a theory put forth by Peter Dale Scott to describe figures like Dick Cheney et al, who keep government programs going while presidents come and go. Kissinger’s extensive crime sheet is well explained by Patrick Martin in his article titled Henry Kissinger and the crimes of American imperialism, posted at at

The Green Party, and others, should call for Henry Kissinger to be tried posthumously by an open tribunal of the public (best if Congress did this) to evaluate his complicity in war crimes and crimes against democracy. He deserves opprobrium not adulation but I will leave it to the jury. A Kissinger retrospective is a lesson for what we need to oppose explicitly.


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