Kevin Ryan Invites Political Truthers to Dig Within to Understand State Crime

Critical Analysis Explains State Crimes; Necessary For Avoiding Future Events: Compare 9/11 to Covid.

Puzzling out the Pattern of State Crimes.

Kevin Ryan Dig Within web page
Kevin Ryan Dig Within web page

In 2020, I gave a presentation that compared the unfolding events of Covid to the crimes of 9/11. In it I described eleven features and outcomes of the 9/11 crimes that were shared by the Covid events. Unfortunately, some people who understood that 9/11 was a lie wouldn’t consider the possibility that Covid could be a similar manipulation. And others who quickly saw that we were being lied to about Covid appeared to think that such a thing had never happened before. This led me to wonder if there were criteria by which people could identify a state-sponsored deception as it was happening.

Covid and 9/11 might be called state crimes against democracy, false flag operations, or structural deep events. For the purpose of this essay, I’ll simply call them “state crimes” although it’s worth mentioning that both 9/11 and Covid were global state crimes. That is, they were crimes committed by multiple states acting in concert. Along with this we must understand that, in today’s world, nation states no longer drive politics as much as transnational corporations do.

Read this very important analysis to evaluate for state crimes against democracy. Kevin Ryan is an important voice in the truth movement. Follow him on his website:

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