Green Liberty is in solidarity with Robert F. Kennedy’s ‘Peace and Diplomacy’ speech.

Robert F. Kennedy delivered his “peace and diplomacy” speech to a New Hampshire audience and qualifies for the US presidency.

His speech is so compelling it entitles Robert F. Kennedy to the presidency on account of its wisdom, good sense and reasoning, and for demonstrating an intention that his stint in office would restore the ambition of the aborted John F. Kennedy presidency.

Kennedy’s eloquence conveys credibility; he is a solid advocate for peace, and this speech indicates he is the one to deal with the problem of the military industrial complex, which Dwight Eisenhower famously warned the nation about. John F. Kennedy heeded the warning but was killed for trying. From this speech, we get the spirit of JFK and an implied intention that a Robert Kennedy presidency will endeavor to accomplish what his uncle sought 60 years ago.

Kennedy alludes to the unspeakable possibility of a nuclear event, which could be triggered by the US-NATO war against Russia in Ukraine. But this unspeakable is present in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, as his murder presents the problem of the Big Lie and the muzzling of American democracy.

The 1960s were a blood bath of assassinations that robbed us, the people, of leaders that would have led our country and the world into something different than what we are experiencing today, something more noble. The assassinations robbed us of historical possibilities, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sees it as his mission, at this time in his life, to reclaim possibilities stolen from us by the deep state plutocracy.

Kennedy deserves to be president because he has earned it. His uncle and father were killed by the Deep State; now he wants to use the presidency to accomplish what his uncle sought. But Kennedy will go beyond peace and diplomacy and seek to actualize the ambitions of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, Thomas Merton, his father and so many others.

Kennedy shows a generosity for truth, and provides the country a means to heal the divide and restore constitutional dignity to the republic and the rights of people and nature by fighting to preserve the 1st Amendment, the 4th Amendment, and fight regulatory capture, among other points of contention.

We are entering a very interesting electoral season with Robert Kennedy in the race. Some think he should drop the Democratic Party ballot line since he is doomed if he follows this tract. They are calling for him to run as an independent. Based on this speech, the Greens should recruit him to run for president since his stance is in alignment with Green principle of non-violence and pro-peace.

We must all be agnostic about what Robert Kennedy ‘should do’ and trust that he is well advised and is not naive about the dangers he faces. It may be that Robert Kennedy sees an opportunity in creating a crisis in the Democratic Party, like the crisis that broke the Whig Party and led to the Republican Party.

No matter what, with his Peace and Diplomacy speech, Kennedy shows he is qualified for the job of US President.
The state Green Parties and the Green Party US should issue statements of solidarity with Robert Kennedy and commend him for his good diplomatic sense and his intention to fulfill the ambitions of his uncle to negotiate for a peaceful world.

Inspiration to respond to the speech comes from Global Research post:

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