Justice for Pacific Green Party, Lane

Pacific Green Party, Lane is one of the oldest functional chapters in the party. For years we have been libeled, insulted, threatened, and marginalized by certain members of the officer caste. We want justice.

Our troubles began during 2020, when certain party officers seized our Facebook page on the pretext of silencing “misinformation.” After Facebook gave us our page back, these officers tried to hide their fault by insisting falsely that the state party had created our page and that nonexistent email protocols had been broken. Many other false accusations were made, which our materials will show.

After failing to take our page, they tried to silence us by exclusion from party resources, including listing on the website. They claimed that our views were “minority” even after winning votes on resolutions at state party conventions. Rather than honor our party’s values of free discussion and honest debate, they repeatedly threaten to eliminate us by revoking our status.

Are they afraid of what we say, or afraid of our numbers? We have more active members than any other chapter, and that is inconvenient for those few party officers who fancy themselves “in charge.” Grassroots process has no political leadership. What we are seeing is top-down dysfunction run amok. That’s plainer than ever, with our most basic rules of order now being ignored.

Chapters are the fundamental unit of the party. It’s time to stop this warring on chapters, and do things the way our party is supposed to. PGP Lane’s members have a combined dozens of years of dedicated party membership, donations and volunteer contributions. We should be honored, but instead have been robbed of our dignity by lies. Do the right thing for us. Vote to reinstate our access to state party resources, and to block the attempt to revoke us.

More at greenlibertycaucus.org/justice-for-pgp-lane

Here’s a brief video on the main events:

Our grievances in more detail:

More recent attacks and claims

Nathalie has for years kept “dossiers” on our chapter and on other party members. This dirt stash is stored in the party’s public google drive. It is a childish victim-playing game, twisting ordinary online arguments into “harassment” and so forth. It is evidence of nothing egregious, and nothing worse than Nathalie and her friends have done to us.

The most recent items are bizarre emails claiming to be sent from a proton mail account in our name. We have no proton mail account, and are unaware who sent them. They are fake, and likely written and sent by someone trying to make us look bad. No friend of ours!

This email in particular is a disgusting libel against us. It uses crude, simple fakery to try to make it look like one of these emails originated from us. Heres how to do it, step one. two. three. Seth Woolley has claimed he’ll prove otherwise, but if so, rest assured it’s baloney.

Trying to destroy chapters is anti-green. Vote to restore our access.

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