How COVID Turned People Into Fascists – Explained By Psychologist, Mattias Desmet

Mattias Desmet, author of The Psychology of Totalitarianism
Mattias Desmet hosted by Jimmy Dore

Wow! Jimmy Dore should get bonus points for candor and honesty as he shares his personal experiences navigating the shoals of cognitive dissonance through the course of the Russia-gate conspiracy of Trump Russian collusion and into the Covid vaccine mass hypnosis.

Mattias Desmet is famous for providing a theory for mass indoctrination that doesn’t subscribe to Marx’s class analysis but seems to rely on basic existential demands of the individual psyche to cope with a mass propaganda.

Jimmy Dore raises a number of key concerns about how people fall into compliance with irrational state dictates. He gives an interesting retrospective as a truth leader on the matter of navigating the Russia-Gate scandal, and the Covid; very insightful, forthright, and honest.

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