Jimmy Dore and Marc Crispin Miller speak frankly about living in 1984 censorship state

This 30 minute clip from the Jimmy Dore show opens with a look at the recent case that enjoined the White House from colluding with Social Media to censor speech. Marc Crispin Miller discusses his experience getting censored as a university professor, and explains how the use of the term “conspiracy theorist” was applied to silence dissent, among other topics, are covered in a wide ranging truth analysis of the American experience.

Noam Chomsky gets picked apart and revealed as an opponent to political truth based on his silence about state crimes. For political truthers, this is a must see for its honesty and breadth.

Green Liberty is in solidarity with Jimmy Dore’s honest journalism and Marc Crispin Millers’ commitment to telling the truth about political corruption, and unpacking the lies of state and corporate propaganda.

Interview explores living in 1984 world where lies are truth
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