Movement to Halt Covid Countermeasures is growing

Green Liberty in Solidarity with Call for Moratorium on Covid Countermeasures

CHD journalist, Michael Nevradakis reports on the world wide movement to end use of the Covid countermeasures, also known as gene therapy, mRNA biologics. Read his full report here:

Green Liberty is in solidarity with efforts to stop the Covid program. We encourage direct action around contacting our county and state officials to enact a moratorium on the Covid vaccines pending an investigation into the full extent of harm caused by the experimental countermeasures. Read about call here:

Beyond a doubt the Covid vaccines are not safe and effective and must be withdrawn from the market and all supplies destroyed.

It is incumbent on us to draw a line in the sand relative to what we the people will stand for. We are entering the 4th year of living with the Covid vaccine. It is beyond a doubt true that the covid vaccines are not safe nor effective and that in some cases, people die from them. Something must be done:

In this report on a survey of embalmers, it is clear by way of temporal correlation, that the growth of clots after the introduction of the covid vaccines, shows a serious danger.

Allowing the Covid shots to be normalized and accepted like the flu vaccine, cannot be tolerated. Accepting the Covid shots as ok is like accepting the false narrative around the 9/11 big lie, and the JFK assassination.

Taking a stand against the Covid program is important as a principled act of opposition to a state / corporate conspiracy to inject a harmful substance and force national compliance. However, the vast majority of Americans are now suspicious of the Covid vaccines and the government agencies and doctors that pushed them, and are not taking the booster. A move for a moratorium will be welcome news to many. Green Liberty has appealed to Jill Stein, presumed nominee from Green Party US for US President to support a moratorium on the Covid Program. Read about it here:

Sasha Latypova lays out in the first 25 minutes of the interview with Corona Investigations how the Covid vaccines were made without any safety oversight and actually are not a real medical product but are a “countermeasure”, a legal term of art used in national security law. It is not hyperbole to say the Federal Covid Program is essentially a military operation conducted in the guise of public health. Watch the interview, or click on the transcript at her substack:

Sasha Latypova on Corona Investigative Committee
No Mechanism to remove Covid Countermeasures from Market

On another danger of the Covid vaccine, there is this report from Dr. Bhakti who calls for a stop to the mRNA technology: And check out this interview with Dr. Arne Burkhardt:

A lot of evidence has piled up and the dangers are only getting to be more apparent than before. Now is the time to act. Getting our state legislatures to enact a moratorium by law on Covid countermeasures is the most direct way to stop the Covid program. Plan to lobby our legislators next legislative season with a bill for a moratorium.

However other steps may be taken to educate those in seats of authority and power. In the link below, find a report from Katherine Watt on how to advance a Moratorium and put our officials on notice that allowing the Covid vaccines to be dispensed makes them, the officials, complicit in a crime: fraudulently representing that the covid vax is safe and effective when it isn’t. See her report here:

Meanwhile, getting a Moratorium on the Covid program would be a minor victory in a war that pits the super rich and its deep state against the rest of us. We accept that ultimately, we must advance a big picture struggle for an Egalitarian Revolution, but along the way, we need to fight for a winnable goal that can make a direct difference on people’s lives.

Going for a moratorium is one important battle to wage and can be done while simultaneously advancing an egalitarian revolution.

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