Green Liberty in Solidarity with call for Egalitarian Revolution

Thinking about Revolution
Thinking about Revolution: John Spritzler and Dave Stratman

Egalitarian Revolution Necessary for Making a Better Society

Green Liberty demands accountability, transparency and protection for whistleblowers as necessary measures to fight corruption and secure justice. But the mission of Green Liberty is a liberation coalition and to that idea we need to add an Egalitarian Revolution.

Green Liberty subscribes to the idea of libertarian municipalism as a model for a decentralized society that is a real grass roots democracy. The ideas elaborated by John Spritzer on an Egalitarian Revolution provide well reasoned analysis on the need for a society built on the principle of from each according to his / her abilities, to each according to his / her needs, as a foundation to mutual aid and solidarity. An Egalitarian society is one where there is no rich and no poor, that has real, not fake democracy.

Here is the link to John’s sub stack:

Here is the link to John’s website:

Here is a link to a pdf titled Thinking about a Revolution. This is co-authored and provides a complete discussion and consideration about making a democratic revolution against the plutocracy.

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