The Conspiracy ‘Theory’ Conspiracy: Green Liberty in solidarity with political truth

Green Liberty is post-conspiracy; we accept we are being lied to and assert what is obvious: the cover up of the crime is the crime. Resist state crimes.

The conspiracy 'theory' conspiracy: a documentary
The conspiracy ‘theory’ conspiracy: a documentary

Watch this important documentary here:

From the Rumble link:

The Conspiracy ‘Theory’ Conspiracy (2015) A Documentary Film by Adam Green brings together hundreds of news clips, declassified documents, and evidence demonstrating the establishment media’s propaganda campaign against conspiracy theories and the truth.
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Green Liberty is the political truth wing of the Green Party, whether the Establishmentarians want us or not. And we know they don’t want us.

Political truth transcends left right paradigm. The principle of accountability in the face of an obvious state crime is the backbone of Green Liberty. The cover up of 9/11 and other crimes, is clear and convincing evidence that we are being lied to by our government and the media, and that is the crisis we are in. Americans are awakening to the fact that our government lies to us. The Covid event proved this; September 11th reminds us.

Green Liberty is post-conspiracy theory; we use conspiracy theory to explain, but we now assert that we are being lied to categorically / absolutely, and that the state has committed crimes against the people. This is without a doubt a true statement; there are a plethora of facts to support this claim; chiefly, JFK, the other sixties assassinations; September 11th and the Anthrax attack; Iraq war 2003; and the Covid event, and Ukraine and Gaza. All founded on lies, and the truth suppressed. Indeed, people were killed to silence truth.

Our movement needs to agree on foundational language to make our criticism of the plutocracy. This documentary provides us with language that addresses the crisis of lies that cover up the raw cruel power of the super rich who control the state. It’s pretty simple criticism. Watch the movie. It is an important one to share.

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