Green Liberty Finds Technocracy Is the Face of Power Elite. Professor Hughes Explains Predicament for humankind

Watch this thoughtful and incisive discussion. Interview with Douglas Haugen and David Hughes, June 26, 2024

“Waking up”; academia’s failure to address the events of “9/11” and the moral implications of this; overviews of my two books; and Anglo-American finance capital’s preference for totalitarianism

Professor Haugen talks with Professor / author David Hughes
Professor Haugen talks with Professor / author David Hughes

Watch this very thoughtful interview by Haugen with Hughes:

Green Liberty is in solidarity with Dr. Deep State’s (Haugen) free thinking orientation. He interviews David Hughes about what is happening in society today. He explains that we are in fact in the stages of falling into (if not already landed) a techno-totatitarian state. The events of September 11th demolition of three towers; the Covid debacle and the lockdowns and vaccines mandates, show deep state to be true as a continuity of events that lead to techno-totalitarianism; this is not hyperbole.

Watch this thoughtful and incisive discussion from a very smart interlocutor (Haugen), interview a fellow political truther. They cover a wide range of issues, including the moral abdication by academia to speak truth to power. David’s German scholarship proves insightful and useful for unpacking the events from September 11th to the Covid “plandemic.”

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