Green Liberty Advances Liberation Coalition

Handbill Explains Green Liberty:

Green Liberty Caucus / Bloc seeks the liberation of society from oligarchic and corporate domination by working in a liberation coalition to mobilize a mass movement that can transform society. Read full manifesto at link:

A Green Liberty Bloc guards against tyranny. No individual should push for liberty alone. A Green Liberty Caucus functions as a political community that frames liberty in the context of accountability, transparency and protection for whistle blowers as foundational to securing justice, preserving constitutional rights, and transforming society.

Why is this necessary?

Because the corruption has gone on for too long; enough is enough. Greens are opposed to corruption in all its manifestations. We demand accountability on many fronts; we demand transparency in government and corporate affairs.

Most concerning, is the overuse of national security and surveillance protocols that make government affairs opaque, and pose a threat to civil rights. Secrecy orders conceal endemic corruption associated with the military industrial, Big Pharma / medical complex and the Big Money banking complex as well as Big Media.

Green Liberty is about building a movement that rallies the people to mobilize and organize to transform society so it isn’t corrupt. Green Liberty criticizes the deep state plutocratic theft of the country, bears witness to the state crimes and seeks to lever indignation into a mass mobilization for a better society.

Green Liberty is a demand that state crimes be independently investigated, bad actors held to account (even posthumously) so that impunity is stopped and justice done.

Our Goals:

Organize within the Green Party US by working within state green parties to follow procedure to form Liberty Chapters after which we will apply for formal Caucus status.

Organize outside the Green Party US and seek alliances with other like minded organizations to build a liberation coalition.

The Green Liberty Bloc is an invitation to the people in every state, county and city and local area, to organize chapters that would do the work of speaking truth to power by calling out malfeasance. We can grow our ranks by championing the cause of justice to hold government and corporations accountable.

What We Are For:

  • Economic democracy based on principles of cooperation and working class solidarity that includes small businesses, professional middle class, students / young people, the self-employed and retired.
  • Democratic governance, rooted in regional and municipal jurisdictions, empowered by a global and national working class movement capable of running society transparently, honestly, and in the interest of all humanity and for the restoration of the web of life.
  • A cooperative economy empowered by workers’ collectives and communities of shared interests.
  • Reclaiming the heritage of Enlightenment ideals for freedom, equality, and the pursuit of happiness, upon which our nation was originally founded.
  • Compliance with The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Nuremberg Code, and other international covenants based on aforementioned Enlightenment values.
  • Restoration of the basic constitutional principles intended to protect the general welfare of the country and secure the personal and collective freedoms embedded in the Bill of Rights and later amendments.
  • Green Pillars: Grass-roots democracy, non-violence, social justice and ecological wisdom.
  • Accountability for state crimes, transparency in governmental and corporate affairs so that corruption and the impunity it spawns may be stopped.
  • Ending chemical toxins; advancing Medical Freedom; Exiting the WHO, and more.

The Future:

Our job today is to heed President Eisenhower’s famous warning to rein in the military industrial complex and reclaim our republic. We must seize the historic possibilities that were stolen from us, we the people, when the deep state plutocracy cemented its power on November 23, 1963, when John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Had JFK, Malcolm X, MLK and RFK, and members of the Black Panthers not been assassinated in the 1960’s, history may well have arced toward justice as Dr. King envisioned. But the arc was broken instead, and no one has been held to account.

Green Liberty strives to build a movement that rallies the people to mobilize and organize to transform society. As an activist group, green liberty bloc provides a collective voice that bears witness to the state crimes against our democracy and demands justice and transformation of our governmental and corporate system.

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