Green Renaissance: Building green liberty bloc

We have nothing to lose but our chains is written in chalk

Green Renaissance-Sovereign Rights Movement Mission

As current, former, and potential members of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS), we seek to return the party to its founding values and principles.

Just like in COINTELPRO, the FBI's counter-intelligence program that was used to disrupt and neutralize anti-war and radical organizations two generations ago, modern-day infiltrators/operatives are suspected to be misleading the GPUS into mirroring the captured Democratic Party's imperialist and authoritarian views regarding war, healthcare, and women's sex-based rights through the weaponization of identity politics and "woke" cancel culture tactics that eliminate education, debate and class analysis.

Through intimidation and coercion, they have driven the party to the brink of collapse, with memberships and donations at an all-time low.

Some say let it fail!

However, we believe it is essential to maintain a third party that is clear about history, geopolitics, and the fallacy of the self-correcting "free" market system. Further, the GPUS has an organizational structure that is worth preserving.

As such, we are committed to reclaiming the party with our movement's members, removing suspected infiltrators/operatives, regrowing its resources, and supporting the efforts of leaders who champion our sovereign, human, civil, and constitutional rights against oligarchic control and tyranny.

Join us in activism, create your political home and change the world!

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