Green Liberty Says No Covid Vaccines for Kids

Green Liberty Caucus statement to Oregon Health Authority on child vaccine. Public testimony closes November 23, 2022.

Dear Oregon Health Authority / Immunization Policy Advisory Team,

I am representing the Green Liberty Caucus, Oregon Chapter of the Pacific Green Party and our chapter has previously communicated to Oregon Health Authority and requested that the OHA ban the use of the Covid vaccines in Oregon.

On the matter of including the Covid vaccines in the schedule of children’s vaccination, it is unconscionable to do this given that children are not at any significant health risk from getting a Covid infection, very low association with fatal out come. Arguably, giving the vaccine to any child should be construed as child abuse given the known risk of heart injury and other ailments.

Furthermore, the Covid vaccines are associated with a high adverse event rate, including death. See the correlations associated with the Covid vaccine recorded at the Vaccine Adverse Events Recording System.

Beyond any doubt, evidence shows that the mRNA technology is dangerous. The vaccine causes the body to produce the spike, a known toxin, after which the young body produces an immune response and theoretically becomes immune from Covid infection. This process is fraught with risk. Some spike leaks into the rest of the body without being immunized by the immune process. Heart injury is a known risk and no child should be subject to this danger.

Aside from the issue of allowing the Covid vaccine to be used in children, evidence shows that Pfizer and Moderna have concealed findings from the Covid vaccine trials that demonstrated problems with the vaccine. But Food and Drug Administration worked with Pfizer to allow a dangerous product into the market. By February of 2021, Pfizer and the FDA knew about this problem and should have ended the deployment of the vaccines, but FDA elected not to do this. This shows malfeasance of the highest order.

Do not include Covid vaccines in the list of prescribed vaccines for children.

No Covid vaccines for kids or anyone else. Ban Covid vaccines in Oregon.

Chuck Fall
Green Liberty Caucus

We posted our notice above through link here:

This is the link to the Oregon authority setting childhood vaccine schedule:

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