Green Liberty Caucus resolutions passed by majority at January 21, 2023 convention.

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Update: The March 11 convention by a majority of those ‘at convention’ voted to affirm the January 21 vote at convention to endorse Green Liberty Caucus Chapter resolutions.

The pacific Green Party state coordinating committee voted to reject the January 21 vote at the convention on procedural grounds that absentee voting was not afforded to supporting members who did not attend the actual convention. Green Liberty Caucus accepts the results of the convention and find the convention vote was valid and consistent with PGP bylaws. The SCC disagrees and rejected the vote, so now the SCC rejection must be ratified at the March convention to stand. Register for March convention

Green Liberty Caucus Agenda items:

1)  Pass resolution to request Green Party US National Committee to create Committee on  Government and Corporate accountability, Transparency and Protection for Whistleblowers, to advise the National Committee on these themes as they are based in Key Values and Platform planks;

This is a proposal to request the National Committee to create a standing committee that would be dedicated to highlighting issues of accountability from government and corporations, transparency in government and corporate affairs, and protection for whistleblowers. Green values and platform planks endorse these particular issues and a Committee would bring these key themes together and create a synergy for fighting corruption. See link to proposal below:

2) Green Liberty Caucus proposes a resolution to endorse the call for Congressional Investigations into 1960’s assassinations. Resolve to endorse and be signatory to: American Truth and Reconciliation Committee. Why is this important and how is it consistent with Green Party values and mission? The assassination of JFK and other 1960 assassinations are unsolved crimes that have been covered up by the United States government and this has come at great cost to the country The Pacific Green Party of Oregon sets out in our Constitution a call to dismantle the CIA and work against militarism. The assassination of JFK was the triumph of the military industrial complex against the American people. Endorsing the call to investigate the crime of the cover up of JFK’s assassination is consistent with Green Values for justice and accountability. See these two links for a full explanation of this project.

Supporting justice for the 1960’s assassinations is a way for Green Party to speak truth to power and distinguish ourselves from the duopoly that enabled the cover up of these state crimes. Do you agree it is a reasonable, even a good idea, for the Green Party to commit to making justice for JFK et al, a goal? Speak up at the meeting and let us know what you think.

3) Pass resolution that PGP endorses the Black National Caucus statement on the Covid Mandates; endorse the Black National Caucus statement against the Covid mandates, based on consumer safety platform plank.

4)) Pass resolution asking the Green Party US National Committee to endorse the Black National Caucus statement on Covid Mandate.

5) Resolution to endorse Green Liberty open letter to the governor and other state authorities. Green Liberty Caucus opposes the Covid vaccines as not safe nor effective and call for them to be banned from Oregon.

Open Letter to the Governor Calling for End of Covid Vaccines

6) Resolution to endorse Green Liberty Caucus Holistic / Integrative Medical Freedom for All statement:

Green Liberty Calls for Medical Freedom from Big Pharma

7) Issue apology from Convention to Lane Greens for infringement on their right to free speech about dissident perspectives on Federal Covid Response; and recognize the Lane Greens are in good standing and should be properly represented in website without prejudice, nor be discriminated against by PGP coordinating committee.

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