Green Liberty Transcends Left / right Political Divide

The ‘left / right’ language is obsolete relative to advancing freedom.

As the chief proponent for a green liberty sensibility, I am attempting to brand ‘green liberty’ as a pragmatic answer to corruption. I hope this strong stance could inspire we the people to rally around and build a movement for freedom that directly resists the emerging globalist techno-totalitarianism.

Without a doubt there is a world wide resistance movement that has awakened to the technocratic threat of the globalist plutocracy. There were many affronts to basic liberty during Covid. This includes the contrived SARS Cov2 “plandemic”; and the denial of early treatment protocols for Covid 19 infections; covid countermeasure mandates for Federal employees and others; the persecution of doctors who treated covid infections with hydroxychloroquine and later Ivermectin; the economic lockdowns which stripped wealth from middle class; the CARES Act which printed money out of thin air to cover a failing economy and benefited the plutocracy; all this has made it beyond a doubt clear that freedom is threatened by a very real and powerful plutocratic power structure.

There has emerged a plethora of independent critics of the Covid big lies, many of whom have a history of resistance like Meryl Nass who exposed the anthrax attacks in 2001; Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt expose the legal structure that “legalized” making fraudulent claims about a “vaccine” under the guise of public health. The term ‘countermeasure’ is used in official ‘ other transaction authority’ procurement documents and shows the Covid program was a national security operation.

For the past 60 plus years, our government has advanced big lies that cover up state crimes, a term coined by Lance De Haven Smith and highlighted by Cynthia McKinney in her appeal to Lawyers and other professionals engaged in truth struggle. Green Liberty is inspired by McKinney’s call and welcomes the possibility for a political bloc to form and multiple candidates running for office.

McKinney’s appeal is especially apt when applied to the Covid event. Frontline doctors like Pierre Kory, Peter McCollough, Meryl Nass, Ryan Cole, and the media activists like Del Bigtree, and Shannon Joy, and Blumenthal from the Grayzone, all qualify as candidates for political office given their willingness to speak truth to power. They are all dissident voices challenging the mainstream narratives, but are the people the freedom movement will naturally look to for leadership and maybe form a political bloc across the country.

To some extent, the freedom movement is siloed in separate issues: medical / health freedom; anti-war – anti-imperial bloc; financial concerns, to the pro-organic anti-toxin camps. Many are calling for / and or recognize the need to build out a larger alliance, or what I would call a liberation coalition. I suggest a green liberty bloc could provide an ideological space for an alliance to form, and though green liberty may never become a broad tent and cover for liberation, green liberty as an activist branch can help the movement grow and develop a fighting edge. However, if green libertarians flocked to the Green Party, it could be turned to provide ballot access for the candidates.

So what informs Green Liberty?

As a political green and truther, I accept the principles of the green movement: chiefly, grass roots, localized democracy as the antidote to oligarchic control through “capture” of state agency and capture of campaign finance; ecological wisdom which is a catch all term to mean we think and plan 7 generations, revere the diversity of life and seek to restore nature as necessary for sustaining life on earth; justice in all its expressions (not just social) which presumes some form of accountability for state crimes and an egalitarian economics based on mutual aid and cooperation; and non-violence which shows up as a demand for peace and the dismantlement of the military industrial complex which includes a stand down of Western / Atlantic / NATO imperial project.

Green Liberty is principled around a broad demand for accountability for state and corporate crimes; it reacts to evidence of corruption by demanding investigations, transparency in government, protection for whistleblowers; these as immediate pragmatic demands. However, the pure and simple mission of Green Liberty is to build a liberation coalition around the shared interest in exposing corruption in government and working to remove the rich from power, and restoring integrity to our constitutional republic.

So what is the left / right divide?

Well, if one subscribes to a basic theory of freedom, there isn’t a left / right divide because freedom shows up on a single horizontal line that measures authoritarian / totalitarian policies and practices at one end and libertarian, non-governmental interference on the other end. Left / right is a false dichotomy and the real measure is degrees of authoritarianism against degrees of libertarianism, or degrees of freedom and liberty against the power of the state and corporations to set policy that goes against the public interest.

Some libertarians believe in total individual sovereignty, absolute personal freedom to be in total control of all of ones circumstances; and some libertarians believe in the collective freedom to resist the authority of an unjust ruler or unjust laws. Are these two positions incompatible?

Ultimately, a liberation movement will need to coalesce, as it may well already be doing, around principles for freedom and resistance to the globalist power structure.

Freedom is a complex topic, and among some in the Green Party, it is derisively put down with the pejorative spelling “free-dumb” to denigrate the freedom movement and discourage its growth inside the ranks of the green party.

Nevertheless, my simple understanding of freedom is derived from Orlando Patterson’s thick text titled Freedom. Patterson takes a sociological perspective on the topic.

He defines Freedom as a dynamic interplay between three types of freedom: Personal Freedom, which is about the capacity to choose options and not be limited by law or other authorities; there is sovereign freedom, which is the freedom to dominate another group, or individual. The King as supreme ruler is the classic example of freedom to dominate. Another example is the President of the United States mandating the covid vaccine to all military personnel, or the state exacting the death penalty against a murderer.

And finally, the freedom most leftists appreciate, is collective freedom, which is the freedom of the group to resist the sovereign power of the state or a king, that would deny personal freedom, or limit its full expression in name of soverign right to dominate and limit others.

Our first amendment in the bill of rights showcases 5 freedoms: personal freedom to choose ones religion; personal freedom to speak ones thoughts, write and publish without censorship; collective freedom to assemble and protest and 5th, a personal and collective freedom to petition government to seek redress of grievance. Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, 4th amendment, is crucial protection of personal freedom to be secure from sovereign freedom of the surveillance state. The second amendment is a personal freedom to own a firearm but also a collective freedom to form a militia.

Left / right unity already exists in our shared appreciation for personal rights and collective rights and resistance to a dominating technocracy that commands a national security state. So what is the antidote to a technocracy? Some kind of democracy.

Ultimately, we need to develop an understanding about what an egalitarian society would look like practically and how the rich would be removed from power. We need to be clear that an egalitarian society values personal freedom and collective freedom as hand and glove in a determined program to remove the rich from power, and advance a society that restores nature and positions it as central to creating an ecologically sustainable civilization.

Green Liberty stands on the possibilities for an egalitarian society but also makes a frank and honest critique of the plutocracy for its malfeasance involving theft of our state institutions. And we should lever the full meaning and intent to the Guarantee Clause in the Constitution (Article 4, section 4), which requires the state to protect our republic from domestic violence, and is a way to compel state agencies to protect us from plutocratic violence expressed as state crimes.

Green Liberty in solidarity with Global Covid Summitt Declaration against Federal Covid Program.
Call for Covid Countermeasures moratorium grows among doctor groups and candidates!
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